March 23, 2015

Change of Command

This morning Miles had his change of command ceremony where he took command of a Ranger company. In non-military speak this means he got a new job. But it's an important job and one we are very proud of him for and one he is very grateful to have. He's in charge of the training and welfare of about 150 Soldiers and will lead them in combat later this year. 

The ceremony took place in the gymnasium since it has been raining all day and when we walked in, Finn asked, "Is Daddy going to play basketball?"

Mary sported the cutest outfit ever - a peach corduroy  jumper my sister got her from BabyGap. It looked like a vintage outfit and I totally plan to hang on for it in the hopes she has a daughter one day. She also had her own seat designated for the ceremony which I thought was adorable. Oh, and the tradition with these ceremonies is that the incoming wife gets yellow roses (which I did), but Mary was also given a single yellow rose which I thought was pretty adorable.

Finn was given a coin (also a tradition in military events - to give coins), but this one had his name engraved! When a Soldier came up to give it to him he asked, "is this a coin? I will save it for my crane truck!" Which is a toy he has been talking about wanting and I keep telling him to save his money.

Miles' family was in town which has been really nice and we were glad they were able to attend today's ceremony despite Miles reminding us that, "I haven't done anything yet."

But none-the-less, we are proud of him just the same!



  1. I love it all! The coin (and Finn's overall adorableness about saving to to buy his crane!), the flower for Mary, her own chair, THAT JUMPER, his new job...

    Fab. Totally wonderful and I love it all. :)

  2. So cute that Finn is going to save his coin for the crane and I LOVE that jumper. She is too cute.

  3. I love this post-- "is daddy going to play basketball?" Ha! He is so stinkin cute. How long did Mare sit in her big chair?

  4. Getting the command is already doing something! Congrats to you and Miles.