March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day 2015

So one of the (many) things I was excited about when I found out we were moving to Savannah was getting to experience St. Patrick's Day down here. This city goes nuts! We have the second largest parade in the country, the fountains are dyed green, the open container law comes in very handy, and regardless of the day of the week St. Pat's falls on, there is an ongoing celebration leading up to it. This weekend Miles drank his face off attended a few events down town, but since we couldn't find a sitter I stayed home, but next year I'm booking a sitter months in advance!

My in laws got in to town yesterday and got to attend the parade with us today. Miles was marching in it with the Rangers and the tradition is that women put red lipstick on so they can run in to the parade to kiss a man in uniform for good luck (though I saw several uniformed females also get some love!). It's pretty adorable to see all the firefighters, police officers, and Soldiers sporting bright red smooches and green beads while marching in formation. I was able to find Miles and dodge around a few people to give him a kiss (while wearing a sleeping Mary), but when we met up at the end of the parade he had several more lipstick marks on his cheeks!

The parade lasts a long time and weaves through historic downtown and makes for some very tired, but happy, children.

It's cute seeing all the kiddos lined up in their little chairs. If only that latest longer than 12 seconds.
Mary spent the parade either stuffing her face or sleeping.

So, who's coming to visit us next year??


  1. What a fun day!! Crackin up at Miles' extra smooches!!

  2. Such joy and simplicity! These days make life light.

    Ps. Are you allowed to body slam the women into the pavement that kissed your hubby? Because the fact you didn't is merit worthy.

  3. Where are your shirts from? And more kisses from the ladies? You stud, Miles! Your kids are adorable and I just love Mary's beautiful sleeping face in the Ergo.

  4. This looks like so much fun. I'm now feeling like like our St. Patrick's Day was super lame. I didn't even buy a special green outfit for B! Bad Mom.

  5. The photos are so sweet. I love how Mare bear is looking at her papa with that giant smile while he's sporting red lipstick. Wonderful💄💋