March 11, 2015

Pura Vida! Our Trip to Costa Rica

My brother got married in Costa Rica a little over a week ago and while the travel there with the kids was umm, not the most pleasant thing, seeing him get married in such a beautiful setting, to the perfect gal for him, was so incredibly special. We are so excited to have Sarah as part of the family and I only wish we could have stayed longer (but maybe with the help of a Nanny). I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

On our first day in Costa Rica, it took Finn approximately four seconds to ask if he could dig. Which shouldn't have come as a surprise because when Miles asked him, "Do you like Costa Rica?" Finn said, "yes, there's lots of dirt"

And so we went to the beach and he dug:

And sister squealed in delight while she played in the mud:

 But took a few moments to look adorable:

 Then went back to playing:

Occasionally Finn would take a break for other activities like "surfing" with dad:

We enjoyed a boat ride to see some Costan Rican wild life:

But afterwards Finn wanted to get back to digging:

And Mary wanted to get back to eating:

Then washing her food down with a cold beer:

Does this mean we are in trouble?
Eventually the big day was upon us and Rob and Sarah got married on the beach surrounded by family and a few close friends.

Finn was the ring bearer and nailed it:

That is a REAL bowtie I had to learn how to tie.
But wedding schmedding, let's dig some more:

And forget about taking any pictures mom - there is sand to be played with!

When the sun set, we made our way to the reception:


Rob and Sarah were both cadets on the Air Force Academy Parachute team, Finn saw this cake and laughed and said, "Planes don't go on cake." I wish I got a better picture of the cute plane and little skydivers, but you get the idea:

On our last full day we went out to this beautiful beach and spent the majority of the day out there:

Mary is wearing a suit given to my sister when she was a baby!

Even Mary wanted to get in on the digging by the end of the trip:

It was a really fun trip and I'm so glad we had such special time with my family:

The boy with the Yellow Hat
Nothing screams tourist like an Air Force Academy hat and shirt
And while I'm grateful for the time with family, I'm especially glad the flight back was a million times better and shorter than the flight out there:



  1. Cute cute cute! Dude, so many comments but then I got to the end and forgot them all.

    That beer ... made me want one. I love that Finn and his insane obsession! I bet he thinks other people are weird for NOT being obsessed. I love how happy Mary is on the boat (and the amazing shot of you all on that boat!!) and I really like your swim cover up thing (white with neon pink).

  2. I loved looking through the pictures and hearing about your trip! Looks like you all had a great time! Your parents look great and so happy! : ) I'm so happy for Rob and the new Mrs.! Their cake was awesome!

    Love seeing Cale there too : )

  3. ADORABLE!!!!!! :)

    Love that Finn had so much fun digging and Mary eating. Girl after my own heart! ;)

  4. So glad it was a great trip! Beautiful family and wedding...I love the love you all have for each other. And I love that Finn in the yellow hat!

  5. You documented so well!! Obviously digging was the highlight. Blue sky, beautiful beach, newly married couple, family and smiles...? Nope - trip was all about digging, lol. And I love it!!

    Seriously, that place looks magical xo

    And Cale's name in the sand <3 xox

  6. I love this post so much❤️❤️❤️ You captured all of the highlights- diggin' central, magical meatball, touristy parents, beautiful wedding and so much fun. Love you sister and miss that beautiful family of yours. Have Miles' surf scabs healed?

  7. Yay! Love all the pictures. So happy to be part of your family as well. I am so glad you guys could make our big day. But most importantly I am glad Finn got to dig until his heart was content!

  8. Seeing Cale's name in the sand just brought tears to my eyes. So sweet.

    This looks like such a fun trip. Finn's digging obsession cracks me up and it looks like the kids are having so much fun at the beach. I can't wait to get B to one!