June 13, 2015

Finley at Four

Yesterday he bounced in a bounce house until he was literally dripping with sweat, but laughed every time he fell down and probably would have stayed longer had I let him. Today he splashed in the ocean and dug in the sand for six straight hours. When he's having fun and laughing with his friends, I can't help but smile as his happiness is so authentic and refreshing.

He is quick to make friends and adjusts well to new people and new situations. He is sensitive and kind and a little bit of a narc. He does a decent job following the rules, but an even better job pointing out when someone else does not.

His memory is amazingly impressive, except when he's looking for his shoes. Speaking of shoes, he prefers to wear running shoes because he likes to "run races." He is often seen wearing a t-shirt with a digger on it accessorized with his Batman watch.

He is encouraging and sweet to his sister, but also tells me that he gets "frustrated when Mary does that." That being a wide range of actions. He loves his Daddy something fierce, but still prefers his nighttime snuggles come from mom. He asks heartbreakingly sweet questions about his brother Cale, and wants to color pictures to mail to his out of state family at least once a week. He is thoughtful and curious and a bright little boy.

His birthday was a special one spent at the beach surrounded by friends. We skipped nap time (I'm amazed and grateful he still naps) to soak up as much time at the beach as we could. He had requested a digger on his birthday cake, but I knew he wouldn't even eat the tiny cupcake I opted for instead. He was fearless in the waves and in need of two breaks to be wrapped up in a towel and held for a little bit while he reloaded on energy.

Tonight we opened some presents and when we asked if he wanted to save a few for tomorrow he said, "yeah! Let's save some, save them for other kids" and we laughed and looked at each other wondering how we got so lucky to have such a fantastic kid.

His birthday felt like more of a treat to us than it probably did to him and I hope he always knows how special and loved he always will be.



  1. Happy birthday little man! Finley sounds like one cool dude.

  2. I love your fantastic Finley Daren! Happy birthday!

  3. I adore all of this. Can we hang out sometime, little buddy? Happy birthday to you!

  4. Well, you look smokin' and that crown is super cute for a beach bash! Love that you live locally enough to have a beach bash. :) Happy 4th, Finley.

  5. What a super fun birthday bash! I'm jealous that you live near a beach (being land-locked in Colorado really only bothers me in the summer, but then it REALLY bothers me)! And, I echo the above comment about how you look great!

  6. How did I not come on here and wish this hunk a happy birthday!?!? I swear I commented in my mind...it just didn't make it out here into cyberspace. Love your little 4 year old and everything about him xox