June 3, 2015

Running and a New Job

Today was National Running Day which really isn't a thing, but we went ahead and made it a thing in our stroller class, Stroller Strong Moms. Speaking of my stroller gang, I've started teaching and am really enjoying it. I had to get certified as a Group Fitness Instructor and for the last couple weeks have been teaching a couple stations at different classes and on Friday will teach my first full class. 

Today we did a track workout in honor of the day which was a fun change of pace from our normal workouts in the park. After the moms finished working out we had a little race for the kids. It was only about 50 meters and those little boogers looked so cute running and they didn't get the message their race was over and they just kept running, completing an entire lap around the track which really is a lot for a three or four year old if you think about it! Finn was all red faced and sweaty, but said he loved racing. 

Mary sported her "Run Happy" onesie, but looked anything but when I tried to take her pictures. Her pink converse shoes were totally adorable and a total pain in the butt to get on her pudgy feet and she managed to get them off twenty seconds after these pictures were taken:

Friday is apparently National Donut Day which is so awesomely timed with National Running Day and I think if we participated in one it's only fair to participate in the other!

Shoes in the process of being kicked off.
I'm excited about this new little job and love being able to get in an effective and fun workout with the kids in tow. Even if they manage to grab the sunblock and dump it all over themselves and the stroller. Not that that happened today or anything . . .


  1. I will totally be participating in donut day. I did not participate in running day. Hahah.

    That last picture with you and Mary is adorable and I still need those headband things. Going online to look NOW. And Finn running a full lap? NICE! Has he done a fun-run for kids? I bet he's beam with pride.

    1. Exactly my thoughts about running day and donuts. One of those makes me smile.

  2. This is awesome. How cool that you're doing what you love and getting to help others too! I hope donut day was just as awesome. And that race is just the cutest ever.

    The other night when we were at the stadium the boys must've run a half mile going back and forth on the track, and later they slept like rocks, it made me think I should find a little running camp for them! I also want to know more about those headbands. Do they stay on? All of mine fall off when I'm running and it drives me nuts. And the good Lord knows I don't need any more excuses not to run..,

    Good luck with all your classes!

  3. Congrats again on the new gig - it seems perfect for you with the option to care for the kids while working out? I still don't really know how you manage it- my offspring are like wild-turkeys when they're on the loose! ha!

    I like those pink Coverse on Mary's feeds! Totally worth it to get them on if only for a photo. We've lost one of Piper's Stride Rite sandals- keep hoping to find it because they're spendy to replace only a month later! :|

  4. You are so fit and awesome and you're kicking ass woman!! Congratulations!

    I want those converse for myself. Wouldn't be nearly as cute, but gawd they're darling on Mary!!

    We just updated Theos shoes and we were backed into getting the exact same pair in a half size up because everything I liked was sold out otherwise =(. Boys stuff can be so boring!

  5. Congrats on the new job! Mary's outfit is adorable and I love those shoes.

    Also, hilarious that national running day and donut day coincide. How convenient!

  6. So cute. Looks like she is toddling like crazy now...what fitness classes are you teaching?

  7. So cute. Looks like she is toddling like crazy now...what fitness classes are you teaching?