October 20, 2015

Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago today my friend Nicole lost her first child when her daughter Caroline was stillborn. For Caroline's fifth birthday she has asked others to put a little love and kindness out in the world. It's been really special to see how others have done this - from random good deeds, to donations, paying for someone's coffee, or just leaving something beautiful for someone else to find. If you are on Facebook or Instagram you can see many of these at #KindnessforCarolineR.

Five years ago today also marks the anniversary of when I learned I was pregnant for the second time with the babe who became our marvelous Mr. Finn. 

I did a track workout tonight with some friends and Finn wanted to run with me. He hung out with his buddies until the end and then we "raced." His batman sunglasses were a must even after it got dark and he's all about his baseball hat of late - he's quirky and funny, yet if I tell him he's silly he corrects me and says he's crazy. He's mostly a really, really great kid. Of course he has his moments, but he's a sweet "bruber" and loving boy who makes me a better person. 

Five years ago today he was just a glimmer of hope, but what a gift he's been since that very day. He reminded me, even before he was born, how very intertwined our joy and our sorrow are. The very fact that I learned I was pregnant with him the same day my friend Nicole lost her Caroline is just a reminder of what a brutiful world we live in. Of course I didn't know Nicole at the time - Cale and Caroline brought us together - but it both warms and breaks my heart to have any connection with what is such a sacred and special and difficult day for Nicole's family.

Finn's life has been such a gift to my own. I can't help but think back to five years ago and be reminded of how even then, I loved him so very much.


  1. I loved seeing all those beautiful acts of kindness yesterday in honor of Caroline. They were showing up in my feed as I was running yesterday evening too. What a beautiful world this is in October. I'm sorry so many of our loves aren't here to enjoy it with us.

  2. Shit. This is just awesome and tear jerky.

  3. This is all so touching. And talk about legit form...just look at the pair of you!

  4. I love that you were doing a track workout. I need to get back out there.

    On a serious note, I love the idea of putting some happiness and kindness into the world as a way to honor Caroline and our babies. I will do that on Quinn's birthday and thank you for the inspiration.