October 31, 2015

Halloween, Hallo-Whine, Hello Wine

Mercy, this Halloween felt like it would never end! Our Halloween festivities started on Wednesday when Stroller Strong Moms had our Halloween class. Finn goes to school on Wednesdays and his school also allows two and unders to come that day so instead of bringing my kids to the Halloween class, I sent them both to school and then left after class to get a massage! I felt a smidge guilty when all the little kiddos were enjoying the stroller treating and potluck, but that guilt was short lived. Besides, they got more than their fill of Halloween. Yesterday we also had another themed class in one of our other locations we offer Stroller Strong Moms and Mary was with me for that while Finn was at his Halloween parade at school. I was Mary's sidekick for that:

Finn at school with buddy Peter Pan
Then after naps yesterday we went to Trunk-or-Treating hosted by Miles' unit. Even though Miles is away right now, many other Soldiers are not and the event really is for the families anyway. Because I wore the Robin get-up earlier I decided to wear it again and decorate my car as the Bat mobile for trunk-or-treating. Because of this, Finn didn't want to be a fireman anymore - that we was last year and that he's been saying ALL YEAR he was going to be again, but no, now he wanted to be Batman. Thankfully we have a shirt with a cape that Nana had sent him several weeks prior. But he wore his fireman attire for a quick pick with real fireman. They gave him a radio to hold and he was so quiet and kinda star struck. It was pretty cute.

After trunk-or-treating Mary just plopped herself down
and went to town on her candy.
Today we went to the Halloween party in my neighborhood before heading out for trick-or-treating.

Batman scaling up the side of the bouncy slide
Mary wanted nothing to do with her costume, but I forced her to be spirited anyway:

But seriously, Mary was supposed to be a cute Little Lamb, but instead had a little cow and this is the best picture I have of her in her costume:

No joke, because the only other picture I bothered to take was this:

Didn't even attempt the cute hooves that came with it.

Anyway, Mary was "Boo-tiful" because the "Bat Shit Crazy" onesies are hard to find and Finn was back to being a Fireman.

I left a bowl of candy on our porch with a note asking people to be kind and only take one or two pieces (and was pleasantly surprised when I came home to some remaining candy), and set out with the kids and the dog for some trick or treating. 

I thought I should bring Roscoe because he freaks out every time the doorbell rings and I didn't want to leave him home alone. BIG MISTAKE. He was overwhelmed and kinda a pain while out walking, Mary eventually started to whine and didn't want to walk, but Lord help me if I attempted to put her IN the stroller. I forgot to bring a binkie and couldn't keep her happy with a lollipop (probably because the girl has had at least half a dozen in the last 24 hours), she wanted to trick-or-treat with brother who was not in the mood to wait for her, etc. We went to one house that had a puppy and I usually was fine parking the stroller and Roscoe at the sidewalk and walking up to the house with the kids, well Roscoe saw the puppy and took off, tipping the (empty) stroller in the process causing the people nearby to sprint over thinking there were kids inside. I appreciated their concern and quickly yelled, "there are no kids in it!" then went to smack Roscoe and hustle my kids out of there, one who was back to melting down. Mary agreed to sit on the front of the stroller and was fine for awhile until she fell off, cue more meltdowns at which point I called it a night and we headed home. I should have just drugged Roscoe and left him in the bathroom. Lesson learned.

Made it home, gave the kids baths, now Roscoe is passed out from exhaustion and I'm grateful we made it to enough houses my kids have decent stashes of candy for sift through. Though can we just agree that this nonsense has no business being passed out on Halloween:

When I'm raiding my kids' candy I don't want this crap!

Hope you all have had a happy (and slightly more enjoyable) Halloween! 



  1. Lol. I was so excited to share Zuzu's pretzels! They were our favorite treat of the night.

  2. Thank you for your honest post about Halloween. Ours was equally craptacular and unending. It is so refreshing to know I am not the only one in a Pinterest-fail, overwhelmed, are you kidding me? Sort of place.

  3. Blog post title of the year.

    I feel your pain on the dog too, drugs or no drugs. Dad better take the lead for you next year!

  4. I laughed so hard I snorted! Mary on the kitchen floor and Finn propped up against the fire hydrant...too fiunny! And I hate that non-candy crap too! If you aren't passing out something chocolate you are wrong!!

  5. I pass out glow bracelets. I totally expect to find smashed pumpkins on my doorstep or something in response to the non-candy but so far it has been smooth sailing. I'm lame but at least I acknowledge it!

  6. I just want to say I love this post, and I love catching up with you here. I'd like to report that all of our 120 pieces of candy were gone (no way we had that many kids, even half that many! punks) and I've successfully finished all of Theo's Halloween candy in under 2 weeks time. ha! And I'd take those fruit chews and pretzels just fine. It's sugar and salt, so what do i care? ;)

    and PS
    Mary is ADORABLE, and i cant believe she didn't let you parade her around in that little lamb costume! Way to go Finn for pulling through with yet another over the top cute pose and pic xox!