December 25, 2015

Santa Pictures

We had a pretty low key, but nice, Christmas today. My parents (Nana and Pop) are spending the holidays with us and the kids really enjoyed tearing open their gifts. We stuck with the "Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read" theme as well as getting them Santa gifts. Finn's Santa gift was a bow and arrow set (sort of like a nerf version) and Mary's was a shopping cart which she's a huge fan of - she immediately started loading things in it and was pushing it around the house all day. We went to see Santa just two days ago and that will probably be the last time I wait that late in the game as it was pretty crowded and even though the wait was only about 45 minutes, it still felt like an eternity with kids who want to run around everywhere and a husband who gets annoyed easily in large crowds (malls are basically his personal hell). 

Mary kept saying, "I wanna see Santa" and I thought she was actually going to be excited and sit there and smile, but when it came time to seeing the big guy, she wanted nothing to do with him and fortunately threw a fit giving us an awesomely classic picture:

Finn told Santa he's "just been good and bad" which is 100% accurate. He told him he wanted a bow and arrow (good thing since Amazon had already delivered one!) and Mary was instantly better once I picked her up and kept saying, "bye bye Santa" which probably was her polite way of saying, "get away from me Old Man."

I was looking through previous years' Santa pictures and wanted to share those as well. In 2014 Mary was a little fussy, but not in full on panic mode like this year:

In 2013 Finn saw Santa at a toy drive our property managers in Texas hosted where you got a picture with Santa in exchange for bringing a toy in for Toys for Tots. We were living in Texas and we took advantage of this opportunity shortly before Mary was born:

2012 was in Tucson, Arizona when Finn was staying with my parents while Miles and I ditched him for a trip to Germany. They braved the lines to get us a Santa pic:

2011 was also in Arizona for Finn's first Christmas and the little cutie fully cooperated for his first Santa picture:

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!



  1. I absolutely love that you shared all of the years. That Finley was such a nugget! It's crazy to think that these little ladies will be that big, you know? I'm so jealous of that last one.

  2. This series is fantastic! I'm jealous as we never made it to see Santa this year between illnesses and my husband traveling. Finn was such a sport about Santa and the one of Mary from this year is priceless.