December 16, 2015

Mary's Second Year

As cliche as it sounds it really is hard to believe Mary is now two. It's been a fast, but fulfilling year with her. 
January 2015
Miles returned from a deployment shortly after her first birthday, but thankfully just got back from another so was here for this birthday. It's been really special to see their relationship develop and they are becoming fast buddies. 
Mary is sweet and cuddly at times and will bring you endless books and plop herself in your lap saying, "book, read dat." 
Other times she is feisty and sassy and overly dramatic. As a result, she is very familiar with timeout. Fortunately she resets quickly from timeout and will give a hug and say "saw-ree," helping you forget why she was there in the first place.
She loves her "bruh-ber" and runs in to his room in the morning anxious for him to wake up and join her. Occasionally she will cry when we drop him off at school and is always so excited when we go pick him up. While she often wants to play with whatever he's playing with she's starting to express her own independence more and more and is also content to do her own thing.

While she was slow to walk and talk she has blossomed just fine in her own time. She saw a speech therapist for a few months, but was eventually graduated from the program as her development caught right back up to where it needed to be. It's fun hearing her use her words so well now and string little phrases together. My favorites are "Roscoe stinky," "Daddy get you" (for when Miles' tickles her) and of course, "I lub you."

She still is our little "Meatball," though sadly her delicious thighs are thinning out a little. She still loves most food, but definitely has a sweet tooth. She's been known to throw a fit over a cookie or treat. I'm grateful she's so short as it has helped make her feel like a baby longer :)

Mary pretends to be the "Mary Monster" and will growl as Finn and Miles hide in a fort away from the vicious beast. She loves to play outside and loves water - the beach, pool, water table, you name it.
She likes Curious George and often asks to "watch George Monkey." She's a perfectly balanced little girl who loves to carry a purse and play with her babydoll, but also wants to play trains and gets excited about diggers. I'm hoping Finn's fascination for construction equipment continues to wear off on her as I find it pretty adorable.

She has a puppy she loves to snuggle with at night and during naps and still very much a fan of the binkie during those times as well. She will nap well at home, but if she falls asleep for any amount of time in the car her crib nap is totally ruined.

She loves her shoes, her rainboots in particular, and we are in trouble in a few years as she already will look at a pice of clothing and say, "cute." She is good about wearing bows, but doesn't care for me to put her hair in pigtails despite how darling it makes her look.


Mary is friendly and often will say hi to strangers, bringing a quick smile to their face. She loves the playground and often forgets she's not a big kid, but isn't always a huge fan of sliding, she much prefers to climb and swing.

She is my favorite girl and on this day as we celebrate her turning two, I'm reminded again just how incredibly fortunate we are to have her in our lives. It is a joy and an honor to watch her grow, I only wish she would slow down a little.



  1. Happy birthday Mary! We love you! <3

  2. I am really excited to meet your best girl next month!!! Happy birthday Mary!

  3. Her little phrases melt my heart. May two be good to you (and mama!), sweet MA!

  4. I love you Mary! Happy birthday sweet girl!

  5. She is just pure delight!! I love how you've compiled these pictures. You tell such precious tales about your kids. I feel like I KNOW them all. Xox. Happy birthday Mary, love you little miss meatball!!!!

  6. Much later than her birthday, but so happy to read all about your beautiful daughter. I'm so grateful you have her, too.