April 4, 2016

Microblog Monday: Kindness

I remember my friend Brooke writing a blog awhile back about the words parents often use with their children, girls in particular, and even though I can't even remember what the point of the blog was (sorry, Brooke!) what stood out to me was to not overuse the advice/demand/rule to "be nice." I often tell my kids, mainly Finn because he's older so understands a little better, to "be kind." I love when Ellen ends her shows with "be kind to one another" because that really is such wonderful advice. And not even advice - I mean that should just be more inherent in our nature than it is.

Anyway, point of this ramble on what should be a "micro" blog is that today while walking to the playground we spotted a little baby turtle. Probably the tiniest little turtle I've ever seen and he immediately tucked his head into his shell as my kids got up close and personal with him. After a little bit, I told them to leave him be and we would see him again when we left the park. 

teeny tiny turtle sort of the bottom left-ish of the pic
Sure enough he was there when we left and he had crawled over to a leaf for protection (probably from the giant small people). Finn went in for a closer look and went to grab something and I thought he was reaching for a stick and quickly snapped, "don't you dare poke him!" But he wasn't grabbing a stick, he was grabbing another leaf and gently laid it on the other side of the turtle to "help protect him." I immediately felt like a jerk for underestimating him and mistakingly assuming he was going to just mess with the little guy. Instead he was just being thoughtful and kind.

I hope he never changes.



  1. I like the idea that you assume there might have been a point to anything I ramble about on the blog! I also try to remind my kids to "be kind" instead of "be nice." I also have borrowed the line that Zuzu's teachers say to settle kids down: "Be peaceful!" Sounds so much nicer than, "Stop acting like wild animals!" And I love Finn's sweet heart helping to protect the tiny turtle!

  2. Awww, Finn. You doll. I've done the same with the jumping to conclusions, feeling like a heel when they're actually being lovely (especially since I promised myself I wouldn't do such things after vividly remembering a similar incident with my mom in my teens). I hope he never changes too. Kind of thinking he won't, knowing the model his parents set. I forget to tell Cate to be kind, but often tell her something she or someone else did was very kind. Guess I hope it trickles in... These conversations and blogs are always good reminders though

  3. What a compassionate little nugget! I never use nice, but always kind. So much that if someone takes something from B or if they have something he wants (that isn't his right, but anyway), he will say, "That's not kind. That's stop behavior." He says the stepsisters in Cinderella are not kind. Ha

  4. I love this. Be kind. How sweet and true and advice that never fails you. I should try to remember that, especially this week when all I feel like doing is being a big grump. Ha.