July 18, 2011

5 Weeks

Five weeks. Holy moly. I would have loved for time to go this fast during my pregnancy when I was super nervous and anxious to meet Finley. But now that he's here, safe and sound, time can slow down! Yet it seems to be going far too fast. I'm amazed at how much Finley has changed in the past five weeks. He is so much more alert and responsive and getting so much bigger. There are still times I catch glimpses of him resembling Cale and I often worry that this will only last while he's still a little baby - since that is the only way I knew Cale. But then again, it'll be neat to watch him grow knowing that he does resemble his brother while being so uniquely and perfectly him, sweet Finn. . . .


  1. what a sweet, sweet lil man you have there!
    love the one where he is yawning on roscoe, those squishly lil cheeks and the one where roscoe is keeping a watchful eye out for him in the last one!
    and why do all rangers like to wear no shirts...ben is the same way!

  2. So sweet! I love the pictures of Finn and Roscoe together! I was just telling James that we need to get a few of Oba and Sam now that he's a little bigger. These boys are growing way too fast! :)

  3. Love the pictures! Such great ones! He is getting so big! So glad I got to see him today! Love you all! :)