August 14, 2011


For about the last week a few things happened that kind of got me thinking about decency. Well, really the lack of decency that unfortunately seems prevalent at times. But then as the week progressed it seemed like there were several reminders that decent people really are all around and things like manners, kindness, and just overall decency aren't lost on society.

I guess it started early last week when I was still on my maternity leave. I was out running a few errands one day and was leaving a store and was pushing the stroller. A woman was standing by the double doors (on the inside of the store I was leaving) and appeared to be looking for her ride. She saw me approach and then just went back to looking out the door. She didn't move over any, she didn't open the other door, she just stood there and watched as I struggled a little to prop the door open enough to push the stroller through and follow behind. Not a big deal, I realize, but how hard would it have been to either move over a little or open the door for me?

I think the next day my friend Rhiannon sent me a text about how she was at Target and overheard a conversation someone was having on their cell phone in which they told their friend to hold on while she flushed (and explained to the person on the other end why she was flushing - leaving nothing to the imagination). Rhiannon's text reminded me of my BIGGEST pet peeve ever - people talking on their cell phone while in the bathroom. It's gross. It's rude. And it is even worse when done in a public restroom, Come on people!

The other thing that stands out was when I looked over at a stop light to see the girl next to me lift of her hand to flick her cigarette out the tiny crack in her window. I look a little further back to see her two kids in the back of her car. Sweet. Things like that infuriate me. People like that infuriate me. Quite frankly, I don't think they deserve to be parents. They deserve to be punched.

But like I said, as the week continued things didn't seem as doom and gloom for society. I guess I just ran into people who restored my faith in mankind. Take for example this blog I read from my friend Jessica. Sure it's somewhat depressing, but people like her remind me of all the good that exists - that people want to help, want to make society better, and actually do! There's certainly something to be said for practicing what you preach and Jessica always seems to do just this.

I returned to work on Thursday which of course sucked, there's no other way to put it, but as my friend Bridget pointed out, returning means that the countdown can begin. And she was just one of many people who sent me lots of messages of support and love and it really meant a lot. (Thanks friends!) Of course I cried during and after dropping Finley off but it made spending time with him at the end of the day that much sweeter. Plus my day was instantly better when I got these beautiful flowers delivered at work:

My advice to young girls everywhere . . .marry a thoughtful man.

And in the mail on Saturday we received a couple of great books from the mother of one of my friends from college. Along with them was a note that had me in tears. Granted it doesn't take much, but in it she just wrote the most beautiful words - telling me how her family thinks of Cale often and how happy they are for the joy we have in our lives because of Finley. It just never gets old to hear that Cale is thought of and that he's not forgotten. 

So, thanks to Jessica, and all the encouraging calls and texts I got on Thursday, and Miles, and wonderful mothers, and of course sweet moments with sweet babies, I finished out the week on a positive note - hopefully it'll carry through into next week.


  1. Marry a thoughtful man.. How true. :)

  2. I feel the same way every time I see a pregnant soldier on a smoke break! Unreal! And thank you to Jessica, such wise words.

  3. I agree. Marry a thoughtful man.

    Also, I wonder similar things. Sometimes decency is lost and it's sad. And that woman does deserve to be punched.

  4. Strollers, wheelchairs...people stare off into the distance as if they don't even see you! It really is sad.
    So glad things went smoothly with work and the tears would totally necessary!
    Yes, miles is a very thoughtful man...good job!