September 5, 2011

This Weekend

A week ago I blogged about baby Norah joining the Johnson Family and I 'm so happy that this week I get to share more happy news - Mr. Maddux Creighton Hope was born, healthy and perfect, on September 1st to our good friends Lauren and Greg. Maddux's brother John will celebrate his first birthday in Heaven later this month so their family will be on our minds and hearts during the next few weeks. It'll surely be a emotional time - both happy and sad, but I'm just so thankful that baby Maddux is here. As I said before, I'm especially antsy/anxious/excited/worried for all of those families who have already lost a baby. I wish I could rest assured that if something so terrible and tragic happens in your life then at least you'd be spared any future pain. But unfortunately, we just know that's not the case. There's no statute of limitations on tragedy, but oh how I wish there was.

This weekend was a pretty relaxing and relatively uneventful weekend. I love long weekends. But it does make it harder to go back to work. But let's be honest, I never want to go to work.

But my weekend started off on a great note when I picked up all the beautiful images our incredibly talented photographer Neely captured during the month of June. She had taken all my maternity pictures with Cale and I knew I'd want her to do the same with Finn. She recently wrote the kindest blog that I'd love to share with all you. I do want you to know, before reading and looking at the pictures, that these are also of Finley's birth - and I realize that this could be somewhat of a trigger for my baby lost friends. Before I got pregnant with Finley, a good friend of mine had shared with me the pictures of the delivery of her rainbow baby. And it gave me such hope for the future. So I hope that these do the same and do not cause any sadness or pain to any of you who have already suffered so much. 

Without further ado . . . Finley's Journey.


  1. Welcome baby Maddux!!!

    And it looks like the comment I thought I put on Neely's blog didn't save, but I just have to say that Caroline, you are absolutely beautiful. She did such a perfect job capturing so many moments of your amazing story...definitely could not hold back the tears!

  2. So glad to hear that little Maddux is safe and sound with his family!

    The pictures on Neely's blog are breath taking, it was amazing looking back at your journey. Big time tears. Love you.

  3. Omg, these are amazing photos! Of course i cried all the way thru the blog and pics but in a good way. :)

  4. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful post. So glad you found each other.