September 12, 2011

What's in a Name (Part III)

My last post reminded me about my short "What's in a Name" series that I never finished. I only had a Part I and Part II. Part III was going to be the final one - where I revealed Finley's name. But two days after I wrote Part II, Daren was killed. And that changed our plans for Finley's name and for announcing his name. You see, Finley was going to be Finley Sears Hidalgo. Sears is a really old family name on my mom's side of the family. My grandma took a lot of pride in her lineage and traced our family tree back generations upon generations. Sears, which used to be Sayers, can be traced back to the 15th century to William Sayers who lived in England. When the Sayers relocated to America, the name was changed to Sears.

After Daren was killed we knew there was a good chance we'd want to include his name when naming our son. And once we decided on Finley Daren, we were tentative to "announce" it. I wanted to ensure that Finley first arrived in this world alive. If something happened and he didn't make it, we probably would have named him Finley Sears for it would have been too hard to give him the middle name Daren. But that's a pretty depressing thought and hard to explain to people, so we just kept quite for a bit longer and only shared Finley's first name with people.

You might wonder why I even felt compelled to share this now. Well recently I was blog-stalking Brooke. I've been reading her blog since the spring when Molly shared this great post that I in turn shared on my blog. But the other day, while super busy at work (insert sarcasm), I went back to read some of Brooke's older posts that I hadn't read. (Creepy? Egh, whatever - read a few of her posts and you'll be equally engulfed by her way with words). And I stumbled upon this post which I fell in love with and had a lot of "yeah me too!" moments while reading. I remember shortly after learning Cale did not have a heartbeat I said to Miles, "but I really loved the name Cale." I was disappointed that a name that I loved for the son I planned to raise would be just another part of what we lost. But alive or not - he was already Cale. It's one of the things that makes him so special. When talking about her daughter Eliza's name, Brooke put it beautifully when she says "It's my most favorite name and since there was so little I was able to give her, I'm glad I could give her that." 

I'm glad we were able to give Cale a beautiful, strong name. And while I wish Daren was here with us, I'm glad that we could give Finley such a meaningful name. I'm glad both my boys have unique names and I love that their daddy thought of both of them. I love the nickname Finn (yes, we spell Finley with one 'n' and Finn with two), and I hope we get the opportunity (although not any time soon) to come up with another unique and meaningful name for a baby.

What about you? How did you come up with your baby(ies) names? Or how did your name come about? I'd love to hear your "what's in a name" story as I'm sure it's so much more than just a name. . .


  1. I'll be posting about this soon... it's in my queue. :)

    I remember thinking the same and Andrew's middle name is my FIL's name. But like Brooke, at least I gave him our very best--because he is still my child and my first. He deserves all I would provide and honor any of my children with.

    I adore Finn's name--especially knowing Daren is his middle name. It's a wonderful tribute. I don't remember Cale's middle name? Is it Sears? I imagine future babes will carry that name. Somehow I think that will be in line for baby #3. ;)

  2. Hi Caroline!

    Call me creepy. I found you from reading Brandy's latest post. You had commented and for some reason stood out. I have literally sat at my desk ALL day and read every SINGLE one of your posts! There's a stalker in all of us!

    I also looked up our baby names on SSO to see where they fell. I feel the exact same way. Something unique, but not outlandish. I also kept the name to myself after my own mother dissed it(turned out to be QUITE the funny story).

    Anyways, I had/have a boy name(not even ON the list. Hasn't been in the top 1000 in the last 11 years) picked out and didn't want my husband to ruin it with his generic name so we agreed that he'd pick the middle name for a boy and the first name for a girl. Me, vice versa. He picked Mara(ranked 759 and pronounced Mare-uh.). He's a Star Wars fanboy. Him and his dad. So growing up not only was he into the movies, but he read the books. Mara Jade is Luke Skywalker's wife. He had that name burned in his brain. Even while we were dating told me that's what he wanted to name his daughter. I had never seen Star Wars and wasn't too keen on naming child after a character, but it grew on me! :) I picked Jane for her middle name. It was always at the top of my list for favorite middle names. That was that. Mara Jane. :)

    The funny story with my mom was that she thought I said Mar-Y Jane. She, and everyone else I later found out, assumed I was naming my daughter after marijuana. No joke. We're AF and it never fails for the guys in his shop to say, "Mary Jane? Hahahaha that's AWESOME." Ugh. Hahaha. NO. It is NOT awesome. Her name is MARE-UUHH and we did NOT name her after pot. Seriously? Anyways, I started squalling and hung up on my mother and it was at LEAST a MONTH before I would speak to her again. After that I didn't tell a soul. Wait until they could see her cutie self and they couldn't protest or try to change our minds. It's still a story that we bring up and laugh about.

  3. Brandy - his middle name is Harrison. Just loved the name.

    And The Troyers - I love the name Mara - very pretty, simple and unique! And I love that you didn't talk to your mom for a month! I too get super defensive about the names we like :)

  4. What a wonderful sister-in-law and mama you are...I'm sure Daren and Cale are so very proud of everything you've done to keep their memories alive and well. I love what you wrote about being an 'advocate' for Cale--ou are doing an amazing job.

    Oh, and we picked the names because we agreed on them, which was no small feat:) That and they didn't sound too ridiculous with our last name. Marie was also in the family already as a middle name (but it's not a very common first name) and the boys' middle names are family names as well (first names of my Dad and Peter's dad). We didn't share names with the first two until they actually arrived, though, since we knew there would be no shortage of opinions flying around if we shared earlier!

  5. Again an amazing post and write so well!
    Prayerfully Ben and I will be able to bring a few babies into the world...sooner then later!
    There are very few names that Ben and I could even agree on and to this day he still remembers them and is not letting me change them. :)
    Boy will be Cruz Benjamin (cross, son of my right hand) our girl will be Cora (maiden)...and if we have another girl it will be Hadley. We can so far only agree on one boy name and since I'm biased to boys we need to work on this.
    I just know that our babies will be miracles (all babies are) and to have the privilege to name a child that has been given to us is such an amazing thing!

  6. Love this post and all of your name choices! Here are the deets behind mine:

    Sloane Grace: Grace is after Jason's mother who died a year after we got married. Her middle name was Grace. Sad to say, i just liked Sloane. No special meaning. Not even sure how it popped into my head but one day i suggested it. Maybe I subconsciously got it from watching Sloan on Entourage? Sloan from Ferris Bueopped into my head but one day i suggested it. Maybe I subconsciously got it from watching Sloan on Entourage? Sloan from Ferris Bueller? Deep, huh? But it fits her and i love it!

    Hayes Paul: Paul is after my dad. it's his first name. Hayes was the lone boy in a sea of girls in my fam and my dad was excited. :( hayes kinda came out of nowhere as well. I suggested it in the very beginning, and jason shot it down immediately. We were at his best friend's house one evening and he was randomly suggesting names. He threw out Hayes and jason liked it. Go figure. By the time we left there, our son had a name. My sister's name is Hayley so we decided to name him that after her in a way.

    Not sure what our next child's name will be but i can say for sure that Hayes will be his or her middle name. :)

  7. Guess I suck cause there's no super-special story for Victoria or Naomi. Brian just wanted something from the bible (or at least bible-ish like Victoria). They were both on our baby girl lists, but I wasn't sold on either one. It was in the delivery room with both that Brian actually picked them and I just went with it. He told me I could pick Naomi's middle name since he got to choose their first names, but I ended up just picking another one of the names off of the list (Racquel) because I couldn't think of anything "good" and wanted to turn in the birth certificate application....didn't get to do that last year!