November 20, 2011

Finley's Big Day

Last Sunday Finley was Baptized. It was so nice to be able to celebrate the day with lots of family and friends who were in town from the race. But before the big day, we wanted to trim up Finn's hair a little bit. Yeah, yeah I know he's only five months, but when you hair looks like this, you could use a little trim:

So his beautiful and very pregnant Aunt Jenny, the professional, gave Finley his first haircut.

And it turned out great. Hard not to with this adorable little guy!

The Baptism itself went very well. Finn did get a little fussy towards the end, and would not take his fingers out of his mouth for pictures, but overall he did great. Even two of the providers from daycare came to help him celebrate his big day.

 Finley's Godparents - Uncle Jared and Aunt Jenny and cousin Carson

He wore the same gown that his Daddy and Uncle Daren wore (all Miles' siblings were baptized in it) - it certainly was special to continue that tradition.

This cake was holy.

  The Family who came into town for the weekend.

After taking this picture, Jenny got a little chocked up. She told me how she was just thinking about Cale and how he should have had the same kind of day. And then when opening gits, my sister and mom got us some beautiful silver baby cups. One for Cale and one for Finley with their initials on them to match some baby cups from my mom's family. It just means so much that Cale is missed and brought up and it's not from my doing. It reminds me that I'm not the only one who lost someone. My sweet sister and sister in-law reminded me how they still love and miss their nephew. It means the world to me. It makes me that much more grateful that Finley gets showered with so much love. He sure did that day.

Finn loves his Aunt Kate


  1. LOVE the pictures from his haircut. Such a cutie! Thanks for allowing us to join in on the celebration of that handsome little guy getting baptized. And can I just say how much it warms my heart that Cale is remembered so much by your family? Sweet Cale will always be loved by so many.

  2. Can I just say that I like you even more that you are the kind of mom who doesn't let her little boy's hair get all crazy! It drives me nuts to see little boy's with long hair. His haircut couldn't be any cuter! It's crazy that he was already ready for one at 5 months, but you get two bug thumbs up from me :)

    It looks like his baptism was a beautiful day and it is SO nice that you get to hear people tell you that they miss Cale too. I love that both of your boys got silver baby love love that!

  3. Love the hair cut! :) And it's wonderful how well Cale was remembered on Finley's big day. :)

  4. OMG Finn is soooo cute! Love his hair cut too! Just adorable :)

    I'm glad the baptism went so well and that little Cale was remembered as well in all you guys did. That's just so very special ♥♥

  5. Yay, I was hoping to see pictures of the big day! The haircut looks great, and I'm glad that the family was all together to celebrate...and I have no doubt that there was much rejoicing in heaven on the part of Finn's big brother and uncle:)

  6. What a beautiful day. I am so glad to see that Cale what a big part of his little brother's special day; I know he was certainly looking down with love and pride <3

  7. Dear Caroline,

    Blessings to Finn!

    Beautiful photos.

    I love that they gave you a cup for Cale!