November 29, 2011

For Sammy

A little boy named Sammy should be turning two today. I met his mom through the online support group I joined after we lost Cale. His mom shared something really wonderful that I wanted to pass along. JCPenney is sponsoring the Salvation Army's Angel Giving Tree where you can adopt a child in need and help make their Christmas a little better. Sammy's mom Emily adopted a little boy around the age that Sammy would have been. What a beautiful gesture to do for her son - to honor him by helping someone else.

Miles and I decided we wanted to follow suit so we adopted a little boy who is close in age to how old Cale would have been this Christmas (18 months). I had tears in my eyes as I read the simple requests for this little tyke - shirts, pants, shoes, toy cars and trucks. Oh I wish I was buying toy trucks for my little guy, but since I can't I may as well help another little boy.

There are a lot of special birthdays coming up - Addison, Andrew, Eliza, Livy and so many others. And a common theme that I've seen is that these amazing parents want to honor and celebrate their children through good deeds - by asking others to do something kind for someone else. How perfect for this season. How perfect for their babies.

So tonight I celebrate little Sammy by doing good in his honor. I find it especially fitting that it's called the Angel Giving Tree. And hopefully this Christmas, the little boy in Georgia who we "adopted" will get the joy he deserves when playing with his new toy cars and trucks.


  1. Thank you so much Caroline! This is wonderfully written and really touched my heart. I'm glad that you've "adopted" your own little boy this Christmas. It is a wonderful way to honor our angels and help a child in need.

  2. We plan on doing the same thing. We haven't picked our "one year old" yet, but will probably do it on Addison's actual birthday. Thank you so much for including Addison in your post. It is so nice to read her name and even nicer when it is someone else besides me typing it <3

    Love that you guys will be buying for a little boy in Cale's honor. I wish it was for Cale, but I think this is a special and beautiful tradition.

  3. What a wonderful thing to do in your boys' honor...made me smile and tear up all at once.

  4. Oh, I love this! We're doing something similar through our church. We picked a little boy off the list and it wasn't until later that I realized that he is the age of what Jake would've been - 8 years old. While walking through Old Navy for some clothes, I mentioned that to James. His heart sank for a minute, but then he got even more excited about picking out the perfect outfits for this sweet boy. I wish I was buying these things for our son, but since we can't, I'm glad we can for a child in need.

  5. Such a lovely way to honor Cale and celebrate the true meaning of this holiday season.

  6. It's a wonderful idea. My hometown does something similar for kids who are in need, and I think it's a really meaningful way to remember our babies, to whom we wanted to give so much.

    And thank you for mentioning Eliza's name. You've got me tearing up in a good way.