February 3, 2012

The 7th Month

Finley's 7th month has been particularly heartbreaking. Because this kid is growing up so stinkin' fast. It's so cliché about how fast they grow up, but my goodness it's so true. And people always say that each milestone is bittersweet, because HOLY CRAP IT REALLY IS!

During his 7th month, Finley really mastered sitting up. He was OK at it before, but still wobbly. But not anymore. Now he's a big boy. Practically ready to go off to college.

He's also finally become a good eater this month. We waited until 6 months to introduce solids and it took him close to a month to figure out that this food thing ain't so bad. I've been making all his food which has been fun for me. I like to see his initial reaction when he tries something new. So far his favorite seems to be avocado. He hated sweet potato at first, but has really come around to like it and he gulps down applesauce.

Also this month he started crawling! It's still in that initial Army low-crawling phase, but before I know it, I'm sure he'll be on his hands and knees running all over the place. This happened on Monday and neither Miles or I had seen it before and were pretty sure he hadn't done it at daycare yet. The next day I proudly told his daycare provider that he was crawling and she said he had yet to do it for them. So I'm really glad that he saved that one for mommy and daddy.

This wasn't the original video I posted, but for some reason that no longer works,
so here is a short one I took on my phone.

It's great to see him hit these new milestones, but I can't help but wonder how time seems to go by so fast and wish that it didn't. I miss my little baby, the one who needed his mama for everything. My sister put it best  - "why don't you just give him the keys to your car already!?" Really Finn, please slow down.


  1. Gosh, he's growing up way too fast! Such a handsome little man! I'm glad he saved his first crawling adventure for you. So sweet! :)

  2. Just adorable! As an outsider looking in it seems to be going so fast, he is such a handsome little man! Also SO glad he saved his first crawl just for you guys!

  3. Yay you got to see the first crawl! Finn is just too stinkin cute! Love all the pics!

    You're so right about everything going by so fast! I can't believe Mase is going to be 2 months old tomorrow!!! Do you use recipes for the food you make him? I want to make Mason's food as well and I've been looking at cookbooks. I'd love to know what you use.

  4. And then he will turn 3 and you will think at 7 months he was still a tiny baby. I know they grow up so quickly. All those things in the first several years. I still do this all the time....get nostalgic about current things...because I know how quickly they move on, get bigger, grow...which is amazing and beautiful. I love seeing all the new fun changes and miss the tiny that is left behind. Keep on loving that little pile of cuteness.

  5. Those cheeks in the first photo are nothing short of delectable. :) 7 months already, huh? I remember holding my breath for you to HAVE him! :)

    And I'm so glad he save the crawling for his momma. :)

  6. I just can't believe how cute he is. And HOORAAAAAAYYY for catching the first crawl! Naomi's daycare tried to ruin her "first snowflake" for us last month. Thank God she actually had it in October. Boy, they sure tried to ruin that one. Seriously, the coulda kept that to themselves. They succeeded in ruining the "reaching out for toys during tummy time" one though. :(

    Have fun chasing your little mover around. The timing is perfect. He'll start making quick getaways just in time to keep you moving around once you stop working.


  7. I love his little face in that first photo. Those huge brown eyes! So precious.