May 23, 2012

In the Meantime. . .

Right now things are pretty good. We are headed to Savannah soon for a wedding of some good friends - Finn's first wedding (here's hoping he behaves himself). We have been enjoying the summer weather with lots of pool days and I am busying myself with planning and prep for the cutest ever fish themed first birthday party for my sweet little baby Finn who cannot possibly turning ONE so soon! But he is. And knowing just how very special that is, I feel entitled to go a little over board . . . like turning this cute picture into a custom made stamp for his birthday invites. But that's not really over board. That's just adorable is what that is.

But stress and my crazy emotions are lurking around the corner. Like, right around the corner. Finley turns one June 13th. We move about a week later. The Army will move your stuff for you which is nice I suppose, but it already has me in a near panic attack when I think of all the horror stories from friends who have lost things and had things damaged and then had difficulty in filing the claims to fix or replace their possessions. I'm really worried about my precious dinning room set that Miles despises. Secretly, he's probably hoping it falls off the back of the truck. But I love it. Even if we only use it twice a year (if that). And even if everything arrives in one piece, where do we have it delivered? We haven't found a house yet. Oh, and speaking of houses, we are about 99% sure that we won't sell ours. Which means renters. Which isn't a big deal. . . unless of course we can't find any. But I think we will, so that fall low on my stress totem pole.

And if you do the math, moving a week after Finn's birthday means we move about a week before Cale's birthday. I'm not even sure what I'd want to do for it, but living in a hotel and out of a suitcase isn't really up there on the list. Hopefully we'll find a house - so I have a place to put my son's urn and pictures and I can at least grieve for all that should have been these last two years. And even though I'd never want to live in Georgia for the long haul, it is the place where most of my memories of Cale are. Where I learned I was pregnant, where I had my maternity pictures taken, and most importantly where I gave birth to my son and held him for too short of a time. I became a mom here. We became a family here. And leaving is going to be tough.

But in the meantime, things are good. And for that I'm thankful.


  1. That picture is ridiculous cute! Can't wait to see the birthday party pics :)

    Moving is SO hard regardless, and I'm sure it's even harder around important dates like Cale's birthday. I hope you can get the housing settled quickly...

  2. I lit a candle for Andrew in a hotel room one lonely 5th of the month before B was conceived and I was down and out on feeling grief stricken.

    I do love that photo. What a gorg little guy he is.

    I've heard horror stories about military moves as well-- the husband moved but let's be honest-- bachelors own crap. If movers were to move me now, I'd be nervous. Our cross-country move was packed in a truck (by us) and simply driven by someone else. We caught it on the other end to unload it, too.

    Wishing you luck with this upcoming madness. The move is coming soon. Real soon.

  3. Haha! That pic is like Finn is saying, "I want you" at my party!
    I bet it is going to be a great party!!

    We did the move 2 times once going down to GA and once going back (on my own mind you) and never had an issue! All things came safely and all in one piece! If you don't have a place to move them into the army will store them on post for quite a large amount of days. As far as getting $$ back if you are doing a partial didy, never had an issue with that either. Don't listen to all the horror stories...give the packers some coffee and donuts and you will be good!

    Been thinking about Cale! His birthday is on my calendar (I have always known it's in June but sometimes forget the date)and when I am putting things on my calendar I think of him and y'all!

    Many blessings my friend!

  4. Man he is just the cutest ever!
    Well, we just had a furniture inspector at the house this morning for our $7,000 damage claim and the buyers who were going to buy our old house breached the contract, but you know what? I got over it and still love our life! Hope you don't have to deal with the extra stress, though.

    It does seem pretty rough that all of those emotional events are aligning...I hope that wherever you are on Cale's birthday you can figure out something meaningful and fulfilling for you. But regardless of where you are and what you decide to do, his spirit will ALWAYS be with his loving mama.

  5. That is a whole lot going on in a short amount of time.

    I love that picture of him holding up his finger! Ya Baby! I'm ONE!

    I am glad you are keeping it together. I know a lot of memories were created in Georgia. It will be a bitter sweet departure.

  6. HA! I love the stamp/photo. too cute. :)

    The move, while much shorter for us, is stressing me out, too. Mostly because so many memories are tucked within these walls, they hold many memories of my boy, of my pregnancies, my wedding, and my grief. It's tough.

    I hope you find solid renters if your house doesn't sell. That sounds stressful.