August 1, 2012

40 Years

So after moving to Texas from Georgia and driving out to California and back, I figured why stop there - I may as well put another 2,000+ miles on my car. So about a week ago my parents flew in to Texas and drove up with me, Finn, and Roscoe to Colorado (unfortunately Miles had to work). My whole family (sister, brother, brother's girlfriend) was there as we celebrated my parents' 40th wedding anniversary!

We rented a cabin near Breckenridge, Colorado. The weather was beautiful, the high was in the low 70's the scenery was amazing - it was perfect. I really wish Miles would have been able to come. Maybe he would have fallen in love with Colorado, wanted to ditch this Army gig and search for a forever home in the Rockies. . . .sigh. . . a girl can dream.
 Our rental for the weekend.

Anyway, it was just a wonderful time. Great to be with my family and celebrate my parents 40 years of marriage. We haven't all been together since Finley was born and even then it wasn't only for a day or two. Roscoe loved running around up in the mountains. His new best friend is his cousin Bisbee (my sister's Boxer):

 See that Deer? I bet we can get him. Wanna get him? 
Nah, you're right - we should just watch him. We'll get the next one.

While there we went on a nice long hike. The elevation at the cabin was 10,700 feet so it was pretty easy to get winded. I snapped this cute picture of my dad helping my mom during our hike:

 And we saw this when we got to the top:

This made me dread going back to Texas - Colorado is gorgeous.

 Finley is too big for that Bjorn, but it was the only carrier I brought. 
So I made my brother carry him up hill. Good practice I figure.

Oh, you didn't want us to go in that nasty pond? I thought you said to go ahead and get muddy. So we got muddy.

 The below picture was taken just after we gave my parents a book comprised of 40 stories/messages/well wishes from my parents' friends and family to help them celebrate their 40 years together:

And one of their friends requested they listen to a song "Grow Old Along With Me" as it is "so us older folks" so I pulled it up on my phone for them to listen to . . .What this picture doesn't catch are the tears in my dad's eyes. The big softy.

And more pictures from the weekend:

 Lots of Pat-A-Cake with Nana

 Just need to check my stocks real quick. Don't touch my beer.

Walking around in Breckenridge. Being all snooty like with our coffees.

Bisbee had a little encounter with a porcupine.  

Sibling Love

The Nichols Clan

One quick fact about my parents. . . they met when they were working in Lake Tahoe, NV at a Harrah's Casino - my mom was a Blackjack dealer and my dad a Craps dealer. And they were engaged only two months later. Another fun fact - my dad proposed to my mom on an airplane (flown by their friend) on February 5th which also happens to be my birthday (12 years later).

And in closing, here are a couple of pictures from their wedding - July 29, 1972. Looking forward to helping them celebrate many more wonderful years!

On the sole of my dad's left shoe was "HELP" and on his right, "ME" which could be seen as he was kneeling at the altar.

God Bless the 70's egh? I wonder what I will think when I look at my wedding pictures in 40 years. . .



  1. Great post! As always, made me tear up! Love the dog pics--omg at that porcupine!!!! Colorado looks beautiful!

  2. Love this post! Totally forgot about dad's wedding shoes, can't believe they were all golf shoes too. Can you please email the pictures that Uncle Bill sent you of mom and dad? That weekend went by too quickly. Miss you sweet sister. Let's just plan on entire family celebrations for every anniversary, including yours and Miles':)

  3. Poor Bisbee!
    Your parents are just so sweet, and an absolute inspiration! Glad you guys had such a great time :)

  4. Oh Bisbee! So sad. Colorado is absolutely gorgeous in the summer time. Looks like you guys had a great trip. What a sweet family. I also love the picture of Finn on the computer. He's getting so big!

  5. Happy 40th to your parents! I think mine are coming up on 39!
    Looks like a beautiful place to stay and be with the fam!
    Gotta love your brother with Finn hanging out!

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Makes me totally want to ditch this miserable heat for some cool mountain air. You'll have to let me know how you found the rental house, looks gorgeous!

  7. What a lovely post!

    We're totally in love with Colorado as well. I showed my husband (the Academy grad, so obvi a CO lover) and he was jealous. Me too!

    Your parents are hilarious and I love those pictures of the dogs (porcupine, ouch!) and Finn at the computer. What a mature little boy. :)

  8. I loved this post... I love how close your family is. I think it is amazing. The pictures are awesome and I love your parents story of love and how you all came together to celebrate them.

  9. Oh and I've been to breckenridge. It was a fabulous little town.

  10. so so sweet. love the stories and the pics. lol'd at the pic of your doggy after the porcupine attack. at first i thought he had had acupuncture.