February 23, 2013

How Precious Life Is

My friend Katie shared this song with me a few weeks ago. She said she thinks of me every time she listens to it and of course it brought me to tears when she played it for me. I promptly bought the album myself and wanted to share. Click here to listen to it.

Before I quit Facebook for Lent, I looked up the singer. I sent him a message and told him how beautiful the song was and told him about Cale. I also said that if he wrote it because of personal experience, I was so very sorry, but grateful none-the-less to have heard his song. He wrote back and was very kind, offering his sympathy over the loss of Cale. He told me that he wrote the song for a good friend who went through something similar with his son and he didn't know how to help, but wanted to do something. I think it's an incredibly kind gesture and I suspect meant an enormous amount to his friend.

How Precious Life Is (Andy Gullahorn):

We moved the desk out of the office
Took down the college picture frames
Painted all the walls yellow
Because it goes with anything
Put those guards on all the outlets
Found a safer car to buy
Did it all for your protection
And your mama’s piece of mind

I couldn't see it ‘til now
You were teaching us then
How precious life is

I saw you in that picture
When they said you were a boy
Though I swore I had no preference
Those words filled my heart with joy
My mind raced ahead a decade
It had us camping near a fire
Where you’d tell me all your troubles
And I’d make everything alright

I couldn't see it ‘til now
You were teaching us then
How precious life is

God willing if we have another child
I’ll see it for the miracle it is
I’ll be hanging on to every blessed breath
‘cause I can’t forget
How precious life is

I thought I knew what pain was
But I really had no clue
Until the hope was disappearing
And there was nothing we could do
I was too tired to shout in anger
Too scared to run and hide
I just stared there at your mother
And thanked God she was alive

I couldn't see it ‘til now
You were teaching us then
How precious life is

For more information on the artist or this particular album you can click here. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.


  1. Wow. How true to our lives that song is. I feel like printing out the lyrics and putting them with Jacob's stuff. That song takes me right back to that time. Thank you for sharing it. I'll be sharing it with James in the morning...

  2. That's gorgeous. I'm so glad you wrote him and he wrote you back! You have some good friends for thinking of you and sending this along.

  3. Just listened to this-Im in tears. I have to listen to this again and again. Ugh, brings it all back. Its so beautiful and sad and perfect. Thank you for sharing...

  4. Its amazing what a song can do to you...beautiful.

  5. That's beautiful. So beautiful.