February 13, 2013

Since My Last Post . . .

. . . Miles has come back home after a long month away! We are all so happy that Dadda is back. He was out at the National Training Center (NTC) in Fort Irwin, California. Don't let the location fool you - this isn't the nice beachy part of Cali, but rather the barren, middle of nowhere, desert.

. . .  I volunteered at this really adorable event yesterday - Senior Sweetheart Bingo. The Bingo center on Fort Hood bused in senior citizens from homes and retirement communities in the surrounding area and brought them on post for a fun morning of Bingo! I walked in to a room FULL of old people eager to win prizes and enter raffles  Lots of air tanks, walkers, and canes - oh, it was so cute. The King and Queen of the event were 92 and 93 respectively.

I suppose that this event could count as #15 on my list of things to knock out before I'm 30. I appreciate all the suggestions I've received thus far - still need to finish the list, but I'll get there.

. . . found a plastic orange in my purse, books in with the dirty clothes, and a remote control next to the toothpaste. Toddlers are funny.

. . . I deactivated my Facebook account for Lent. This act is in keeping with my New Years Resolutions, and who knows - maybe I'll stay away longer than 40 days.

 . . .  and lastly, since my last post, I read an article that I wanted to share. You know how you hear about something and want to share it because it's that good/powerful/crazy/whatever, and so you share it along with everyone else who wanted to do the same? Like when those Bumbo seats got recalled and everyone and their dog wanted to share that they got recalled because they wanted people to know that they know it was recalled because only the best parents in the world know that stuff! (Side note - I used my Bumbo last night when a friend was visiting with her two daughters. I still plan to use it - just responsibly, like all things). Anyway, that's how I feel about this article.  A few friends have already shared it on their blog, but it's worth sharing again because anything that talks about stillbirth and grief and loss and any number of these beautifully tragic things that happen (far too often might I add), is worth sharing again and again and again until we are all better at handling each others heartache and grief. So, please go read it here.



  1. Deactivation...that's the way to go!

    Yay for Miles being HOME (and in time for Valentine's day!)
    What a fun, sweet event, it sounds like a blast! And thanks for sharing that article--incredible.

    Happy Lent:)

  2. That's a great resolution for Lent. I've been debating it myself.

    That first pic of Miles and Finn just melts me. And I love the one with Roscoe!

  3. So glad Miles is home! I hope it's for a long time! Bingo looks heartwarming and fun.

    Limiting my fb time has been good for me. I was nervous to post the NYT article on fb but then I thought, "wtf? The whole point is to break the silence!" So I shared it too and I'm glad.

  4. Adorable pic of Miles and Finley!

    Thank you for sharing that article. The silence surrounding stillbirth is heart breaking-it would be nice to see that change.

  5. So glad Miles is back! Love the pics!

    I'll definitely be sharing that article. Thank you for posting it. <3