February 28, 2013

February Pinterest Projects

Here's the my roll  up of February Pinterest Projects, or at least the ones I remembered to document:

Long Distance Hug Valentines
I thought these were super cute and simple and best of all, I actually got them mailed in time to both sets of Finn's grandparents. We traced Finn's little hands and then cut ribbon the length of his arms.

Roasted Brussels Sprout Side Dish
I pinned this because it looked delicious, but when it came to making it, I actually just winged it and threw in whatever I thought would be good which ended up being the roasted brussels sprouts, a cut up and roasted sweet potato, soy beans, feta cheese, craisins, pecans and and avocado all lightly tossed in balsamic vinegar dressing.

Pretzel Buttons
Mmmm. Who doesn't love a salty and sweet combination. The ones shown were made for Valentine's day, but I actually made these a couple days ago so just used regular M&M colors which may or may not have been left over Halloween candy that's been sitting in our garage (because if it sits in the pantry, I will eat it all. Fact.)

Strawberry Basil Sangria
This is one of those dangerous drinks that is so good, you'll find that you've finished off half a pitched in no time. And by half I mean whole.

I made this sangria when we had friends over for dinner, which was another Pinterest Recipe, Chicken Chimichangas. I didn't take a picture of them, but they were pretty delicious.

That's about if for things that I got directly off Pinterest. I did make a few other recipes that I didn't take pictures of, but here are a few other things I made:

Almond Butter
I copied my friend Brandy on this one and followed her tutorial which is pretty much the following - buy almonds, blend them. You're done.

It tastes great with apples, but for some reason both Miles and I keep expecting it to taste like peanut butter. This is a much healthier alternative though and when I made another batch of the No Bake Energy Bites I made last month and used half almond butter, half peanut butter. I think I'll make this more often, especially when I attempt to go Paleo for a month.

Gender Reveal Cake
This wasn't actually a gender reveal cake as my friends had already learned a couple days before that they were having a boy. But, because I was going to see them a few days after they learned the gender, and because I love cake, I decided to make one for the heck of it. The pennant says "Baby Boy" but if it were to be used as a gender reveal cake it could have said something else like "Boy or Girl?"

Furniture Redo
Diane was my biggest furniture project this month, but the set she came with included a nightstand and a tall dresser. I didn't do anything special to these - just painted them a grey color that came out more light blue looking that I thought it would and I replaced the hardware. I'm sort of meh about how they turned out. They are in our guest room now, but will eventually be the furniture Finn uses when he transitions out of his crib (which isn't anytime soon - the boy can rack out in there, so I'm not messing with it, we've got a good thing going).

I had intended to share the quilt I'm working on for Finn, but the month got away from me before I finished it. Maybe next month. Anyone have any good projects from the month that I can copy?

January Pinterest Projects



  1. Nice! Love it all!

    I'm sold on the almond butter and will definitely be trying it. Would accidentally spilling a bag of chocolate chips into it defeat the purpose?

    1. p.s. is that a regular blender? because I definitely don't own a food processor and our blender is the cheapskate kind...wondering if the nuts would destroy it.

  2. You've got kinda a Martha Stewart thing going...only you're much prettier and nicer. Where do you find the time?!

    We did the long distance hugs for Valentine's Day too. I thought it was such a cute idea.

    Can't wait to see what you do next!

  3. Dude, you are awesome. I need Riley to sleep like Finn so I can try to accomplish maybe HALF of what you do....Oh and try sun butter (sunflower seed butter) -- it has a flavor a lot more like peanut butter.

  4. Love me some pinterest projects! Are you making chimichangas for our welcome to TX meal???

  5. You are amazing. You think chimichangas can be made vegetarian?

    The hug idea is super cute and so thoughtful. I bet the grandparents ate that up!

    Sangria. Man, I need friends like you close to me. Dang.

    Love the pictures of your almond butter as well and totally think you have to do a youtube video on how to re-do furniture because I want to try!

  6. You are bu-sy!! I loved all of these but especially the hug. So sweet.

  7. Um you totally rock. I guess I should rock more public ally and photograph myself running after my son on his bike and making him snacks :) than I could feel as productive as you... Hugs.

  8. I'm really starting to wonder...where would we be without Pinterest these days?! It seems to be behind almost every meal at our house lately -- including dessert! We tested out the boxed cake + greek yogurt recipe tonight and it was a total winner. Samuel kept grabbing his toddler spoons from the drawer and trying to grab more from the pan, ha!