July 4, 2013

Best Place to Celebrate America's Birth: Canada!

Ok so that title is a lie. The best place to celebrate our country's birthday, our independence, is obviously in the good ole USofA. Particularly in a place that doesn't have firework restrictions because of dry weather (ahem, like my youth spent in hot, dry, deserty Arizona).

BUT, my favorite 4th of July ever was spent in Canada.

Seven years ago I took a trip to Niagra Falls with my boyfriend Miles. I had a few days of leave before going to be cadre at West Point's version of basic training and Miles was on his graduation leave before heading off to Georgia for training.

We stayed on the Canadian side of the falls, my first and only trip to Canada thus far, and stayed at this beautiful hotel overlooking the falls. We walked around and did the touristy thing and enjoyed our day:

That evening we had reservations at the restaurant at the top of the hotel which had big glass windows from where you could watch the fireworks above Niagra Falls.

We got to dinner and while overlooking the menu Miles stated that he didn't feel well. I wasn't feeling too great myself, but that was because I had a tooth that was really bothering me. I thought maybe something was caught in it, and kept poking my tongue around it trying to dislodge whatever was causing so much pain. Miles, on the other hand, was having some stomach issues. So much so that after we ordered an appetizer he said he wanted to go back down to our room and use the restroom, to umm, hopefully get some relief.

So I sat and waited and fiddled with my tooth. Eventually he came back, but wasn't looking much better. He was kinda sweaty and said he felt a little better, but that he was afraid he wasn't 100% yet.

But we managed to enjoy our dinner and our evening and not let our ailments get the best of us. We decided to pay and just head back to the room to watch the fireworks instead of staying at the restaurant any longer. When we took the elevator down to our floor and Miles opened the door to our room, I walked in to a room that was dimly lit with candles and had rose petals sprinkled all over:

I turned and looked at Miles, surprised at how lovely the scenery was, but honestly I just thought he was being romantic since it was our last couple of days together for the next few months. Not long after we got in the room did I head to the bathroom to retrieve floss and try to attend to my nagging tooth.

After giving up that my tooth would feel any better, I headed over to the window to watch the fireworks with Miles. We were enjoying the view when all of a sudden Miles turned to me and dropped down on one knee. And THEN it hit me. Not when we had fancy dinner reservations, not when Miles disappeared for a bit, and not even when I walked into a room with candles and rose petals. No, it took him actually getting down on a knee for me to realize he was proposing. Miles asked me to marry him and I just kept saying "are you serious?" over and over, while crying and hugging him. Eventually he reminded me that I had yet to actually say yes.

Spoiler alert: I did say yes.

So while this holiday is fun and celebratory for our entire country, I love it for more than that - for the start of our life together as a couple and family.

Also, for those wondering. . .that tooth ended up getting a root canal.



  1. I love this!!! What a beautiful place to propose! I love that it took you all the way to the end to realize what he was up to. What a sweetie!

    I do not, however, love the root canal. Ouch!

  2. Sweet! Good job, Miles!! (P.S. I had to be reminded to actually say yes, too!)

    Happy engagement anniversary! And 4th of July!

  3. Love this! Miles, you did great!!
    Love you too!

  4. Didn't expect to read this! You are one hot lady, Caroline! I can see why Miles snagged you up. ;)

    Such a romantic story and I totally find it hilarious that he faked out having to poop (but he probably did--nerves!) so he could decorate that room!

  5. What a great proposal story! So happy you shared! Too funny that he used poop as an excuse!

  6. That is so cute. As are the two of you dressed up so fancy. I love an elaborate proposal.

  7. Awww...what a great engagement story! I said the same thing when D proposed too.