July 29, 2013

Finley Finds a Sharpie

Alternate Title: Mom Fail.

The other day I decided that I needed to update the growth chart I made several months back. I had Finn's 18 month and two year stats saved in my phone so measured them against the chart and marked them down. And then I put the sharpie down and walked away.

Later that day Finn was in his playroom (which is where the growth chart is hanging) and being sweet, playing with trains and train tracks. I was on the phone and attempting to start dinner, checking on Finn occasionally.

Then it got quiet.

And I came into the room to discover Finn "lulering" all over the wall. And carpet. And worst of all, my beloved growth chart.

I grabbed the Sharpie out of his hand and made sure there weren't any signs of it being in his mouth, but of course taking away such a fun toy resulted in a meltdown, but I just let him go nuts while I googled "how to get Sharpie off everything."

I took to the carpet first with hand sanitizer (a google suggestion) and it did help, but really good ole resolve got the rest out just fine:

I turned the light on in the room after cleaning it for the "after" pictures so that's why the coloring is off. 
I didn't even bother with the book.

And I tackled the walls with rubbing alcohol and cotton balls and they look much better, but could probably use a fresh coat of paint:

Even the growth chart is showing signs of progress (see the section that's not in white under the one?), but it's slow, and I'm tempted to just re-do the whole thing. Miles said it may just be a cute reminder of Finn being a toddler and we could leave it on there, but I'm too type A for that nonsense. No, the little bastard ruined it.

Lesson learned: Don't be an idiot and leave a Sharpie out for a two year old. Oh, and yes, it came off his face just fine. Maybe we should have left it there as a cute reminder of Finn being a toddler??


  1. LOL! Oh this post made me laugh so hard I almost woke Lillian in the next room.

    First off, the A type person in me says, redo the chart. But Matthew would say the same and leave it.

    If it was our house, Matt would come home one day and the chart would be redone.

    Good on you for getting it out of everything!

  2. Good thing Finn is so damn cute!

  3. This is sooo frustrating, and too cute!

    That beautifully well done chart! Oh, the type A, I know it well. All the ding and nicks on our wood pieces at home drive me nuts! There are cat claw marks on s many corners and surfaces, I feel like everything has hugely depreciated in value. Daniel says it makes things look rustic. But oh no, they just look ruined. If I wanted rustic, I would have bought rustic!

    Im looking forward to these days where everything in your home becomes an art project!

  4. Oh, Finley. My brother once spent a Christmas afternoon coloring on the carpet with his new markers, but they were washable. Glad you got most of the mess cleaned up. I think I'd redo the growth chart too. Little bastard! Lol.

  5. This was hilarious to me. Of course not to you.... I'm right there with you. Gabe just peed on the couch for like the 4th time in 3 days. Thank God we have slipcovers. I feel like I have a puppy for a son :P

  6. Too funny... did you try a Magic Clean Mr. Eraser?? Works wonders!

  7. Oh Finley Daren.

    Glad to hear you're such an artist. But dang. Cut your mama some slack!

  8. Omg this is hilarious! Lmao over here! I would want to redo the chart as well so it's not just you :) Poor mama.

  9. I love the sharpie on his ear. That made me laugh. I'd leave the growth chart!

  10. Since it isn't my growth chart, I say leave it. Actually, don't listen to me, I'm too lazy to even make a growth chart, much less salvage it.
    Adorable post. Thanks for being a real mom.

  11. Hahahaha! Oh man I'm sorry. Finn, you little rascal.
    I distinctly recall writing more than one sharpie-related post (that involved marking my computer) in the last year...

  12. Ha! The sharpie in his ear is awesome. Naughty boy! It's so easy to think this is adorable and hilarious when I'm only looking at the pictures a few states away:) Lulering...