July 13, 2013

Choo Choo, Finn is Two! (Alternate Title: Recap of the Party, just a little Tardy)

So Finn turned two a month ago. How bout that? I swear in the first days following his birthday it was like he knew to just have one random and ridiculous tantrum, as if he was saying "I know what I'm supposed to be like at this age, mwuahaha" but then of course he has the moments of pure love bug where all he wants is to sit in my lap and read a book, or if I say "ouch" to something, he looks concerned and likes to touch and kiss my owie to make it "bedder." I've heard two is awful. I've heard it's not that bad. I've heard three is the real gem, and I've heard it's all great until they are teenagers. So who knows. What I do know is this boy is sassy at times, sure. He whines and resorts to crying fits when he can't communicate what he wants (or doesn't like my response), but he is sweet and fun too. He's a happy kid who is just a little chatter box these days and these past two years have been some of the very best because of his presence in them.

Originally for his birthday I was going to do just a train theme. Miles and I got him a wooden train set (that may or may not still be sitting in the Zulily box from when it was purchased last December) and I thought it would be cute to do a "Choo Choo, Finn is two" theme to go along with said unopened gift. Well about a month before his birthday he started to love airplanes. We'd hear them outside and he'd come running to me so that I could pick him up and we'd look up in the sky for the plane. "Airpane! Up, sky!" he started saying over and over. He's impressively good at knowing the difference between an airplane and a helicopter just based on the sound they make in the air, and I knew that airplanes would need to get thrown in the mix at his birthday. So I decided to go with a transportation theme. When figuring out how to word the invites, Miles suggested they read "Come to the party that has the most, our little Finn is turning dos" which probably makes you laugh and think Miles is so clever, but he envisioned those invites with the silhouette of a stripper in the background and wanted to write something about when the kegs would be delivered. So in typical fashion, I ignored him and his dreams of a Mexican fiesta and went with this:

Yes, I crossed out my phone number but not the address, because we moved a few days later. 
Which seems to be the theme for June. Celebrate Finn's birthday, move the following week.

Really, there were very few trains involved - mostly planes and trucks. And really there were very few "themed" things anyway. I used a set of scrapbook paper for the invites and then cut out shapes for the cupcake toppers. Borrowed some trucks and cars for the table, and made a banner (the morning of). That was it.

I definitely didn't put as much effort into this years party as I did last year. My sister frosted almost all of the cupcakes, and other than a fruit salad (that my friend cut up for me), chips, and a veggie tray, we didn't really do anything. We ordered pizzas and called it good. And I mean, he's two. In hindsight I wish he had specifically requested no gifts. While he did seem to be somewhat interested in opening presents, I know he wouldn't have known a difference had there not been any.

Finn was more interested in playing with the fire truck than being sung to by a bunch of people, but he did seem to enjoy his cupcake afterwards. Cousin Carson, who wore the same shirt as Finn (I'm sure they planned it) helped open gifts. And below are some cute shots of some of the other kiddos who helped our boy celebrate his second year.



  1. Well, I think it all looks lovely. :)

    Pretty clever about that fork holder, my friend.

    And that Miles... oh husbands.

  2. Still laughing Miles' invitation.

    And don't stress, you still have another month before you have to finish planning B's first birthday. That will give me a month to make it happen. Thanks, love!

  3. Yep, I'm still laughing at Miles' theme request too. So sorry I missed the party; dang stomach bug :( Looks like everyone had a great time and I love the theme!

  4. Love the theme! You claim to not have put as much effort into this party but it still ended up looking fantastic. Now, when will we all live close enough to attend each others' parties?...maybe someday!

  5. Just adorable. And I don't know what you mean about poor planning! I just realized that we were out of weekends for Marie's birthday party, so I had to squeeze it in next Sunday afternoon and give our guests one week's notice. How's that for effort?

    My mom always said that "every age has its blessings and challenges." Very true in my experiene, along with every kid being TOTALLY different (just in case you think you've got it all figured out...) Thankfully the blessings outweigh the challenges, and you've got a truly good kid on your hands :)

  6. I would totally have made a trip to Texas if I'd gotten Miles's version of the invitation.

    Love the banners. Well done.

    And I'm also doing the no gifts request from here on out! It's crazy.

  7. Miles is hilarious! Lol! Love everything! I really wish we could have made it but I know we'll see you guys again soon :) Also we have that school bus toy- what a great way to put out the forks!

  8. These early birthday parties are so hard to figure out, aren't they?? It's like you don't want to do nothing, but you don't want to rent a circus either. Looks like you put together a great celebration for your guy! Happy birthday to him!