October 29, 2013

Tuesday Blues-day

I woke up nauseous several times last night (in addition to the normal wake ups from pain associated with the arduous process of rolling from one side to the other) which resulted in very little sleep. When I don't get much sleep I'm a total crab-apple. So this day didn't get to a good start. It was gloomy and misty, yet still hot and in the mid 80's so the weather was also a total downer.

I had an OB appointment that did go very well in regards to the baby's well being. It was my first non stress test and baby was active and practicing breathing movements during the ultrasound and looked and sounded nice and healthy. The only downside from the appointment was that I was emotional and didn't feel my OB coddled me as much as I needed. Sometimes, especially when emotional and tired, I need extra coddling. 

Then I came home to Finn who is, I'm pretty sure, getting his two year molars. As a result he was also a whiny, emotional crab-apple. 

I have a library book due today that is not finished and I'm especially annoyed at myself for this as I already renewed it once.

So anyway, today was kinda blagh. 

The upside to this day is that Miles' mom sent a Halloween package which included this gem:

Yes, as a freaking KINDERGARTNER, Miles was not only demanding, but crazy smart enough to know the ins and outs of the skeletal system. 

Anyway, not much of a blog post today, but it's all I've got. Hope your Tuesday was less blagh.


  1. Oh no :( You too huh? Must've been something in the air. although I'm pretty sure I brought it on myself by cheating with birthday food. I was down for the count starting Mon night and yesterday was no fun. And it's so hard when you have needy kids who just don't understand, isn't it? I hope you are resting up and on the mend physically and emotionally. glad that sweet baby is doing well...and that skeleton is crazy and hilarious :)

  2. I had a pretty crap Tuesday too! Weird!
    Theo was up almost on the hour, ever hour on Monday night... and the entire first half of the night when Daniel would try to put him down, I heard every attempt... so when it was finally trade off time for me to feed and take over for the rest of the night, I hadn't had a wink of sleep yet! I was a ball of frustration and agitation yesterday. I snapped at the lady at Tim Horton's for not making my sandwich "neat" enough. I took it out of the bag, and it was falling apart, and I marched right back and said, "how do you expect me to eat this while pushing the stroller!?" It was a baaaad day.

  3. Miles is hilarious. And very smart. Way to snatch up a real keeper. :)

    Sorry about the crap-ola day. It's possible I was channeling your nausea over here, as I woke up starving and talking myself out of throwing up. So happy to hear baby is doing well, but yeah... you know how I feel about insensitive docs. :/

  4. ick. I hope your week improves! Sending love and smiles.

  5. I feel like, once you've lost a child, and you're pregnant again, everyone on earth should just do whatever is needed to keep you happy for 9 months. It should be a law. Mood swings? Whiny? Craving X? DOESN'T MATTER. FREE PASS. *sigh* Hope tomorrow is better.

  6. When we bought a new mattress, one of the reasons we did not buy a tempurpedic mattress was because I couldn't imagine how a pregnant person would have the strength to roll over after being nestled down in the foam.

    Also, I have a big nerdy crush on Miles now.