October 18, 2013

Week in Review

-We went to dinner with some friends this past Sunday to celebrate their October birthdays. Finn sported a shirt his Aunt Kate got him. Raise your hand if you're adorable:

-We've been at the potty training for a month now and I think things are still going really well. We use pull-ups at naptime and have had a few occasional dry ones, but for the most part I think it will be several more months before we attempt to cut those out. Diapers at night, but underwear the rest of the time. Have there been accidents? Sure. But they are getting fewer and further between. In fact Finn seems to grab his crotch now when he needs to pee and it's kinda funny because he'll look up and say "go potty!" but have this look that says "we better hurry, mom!" Although in the car today he said "go potty" and I told him he'd need to wait until we got home and he did. So I think he's getting better at not only needing to go and telling me, but being able to wait a little bit too. He still gets quizzed on occasion and hopefully the constant nagging is helping:

-On October 15th, I posted this picture on instagram with the hashtag "Wave of Light"

There were over 2,000 other similar pictures posted at the time and when I went back later that night to see what else had been shared and there were over 3,200. Pretty amazing. It didn't make me sad - although it is heartbreaking to know there are THAT many people on instagram alone (with the same hashtag anyway) who were loving and missing their baby(ies). But it actually made me feel really good - to just see how ok it was to acknowledge them and to share in this grief, and to just see how much love was being shown for these amazing little babes. Just goes to show how grief and longing can be beautiful things.

-The other day we got to watch my friend's little boy for a couple of hours and Finn was really sweet with him. I hope this bodes well for his future:

-Today at Target Finn said hello to the cashier. She said "hi, how are you?" to which he replied "I'm good." I asked him, "can you say 'how are you?'" and he did, and then said "I loff you too." He totally charmed her and we both laughed. I said "yes, we love everyone at Target don't we? Do you love Target?" to which he enthusiastically replied "LOFF Target!" . . . that's my boy!

-Discovered this gum earlier in the week and am in love. As most people know I have the sweet tooth of a 12 year old. This gum reminds me of grape Bubblicious, but it's sugar free!

-I was feeling lazy and didn't want to cook (not uncommon) and was excited to make a frozen pizza and smoothie (with hidden spinach and carrots), but then remembered I bought salmon and needed to cook it up. So I had salmon and a salad and Finn ate salmon and peas and while it was good, I was a little annoyed that my plans were thwarted by healthy food. Don't worry DiGiorno, we shall meet again very soon.

-This was Wednesday at the grocery store. I know my instagram friends have seen similar pictures several times before, but seriously it's nearly impossible to go grocery shopping without getting a "big fing of bread," and who can resist those Disney eyes:

-Twice tonight Finn told himself to settle down. He was running around being silly and crazy and then would say "settle down Finley." Toddlers are hilarious.

-Dadda has been away for two weeks, but we've gotten to talk to him almost every night when he'll call to say goodnight to Finn. But today Finn finally said, "where Dadda? where Dadda?" like it just dawned on him that hey, that guy hasn't been around much - where the heck is he? Truth be told, I think Miles was happy to hear that Finn is missing him.

-Looks like the family trend of being tone deaf continues:



  1. I Loff Finley and can't wait for B to get wild with his language like Finley. Dadda home soon, little guy!

  2. My car was parked tonight and was hit and the chick did thousand of dollars of damage... I move in a week and have SO much to do...

    And I have sat here listening to Finn sing and I feel so much better. Thanks friend.

  3. Oh Em Gee he is beyond adorable!!

  4. Finley TOTALLY has Disney eyes- that's the perfect description! What a hunk. And charming the ladies at Target - good on you little man! :)

    I was just thinking about salmon tonight. Maybe for dinner tomorrow- though Grace has swimming, so I doubt I'll put in the effort. lol. :)

  5. Yes Finn we loff Target so much! Lol :) Smart smart boy!

  6. Oh, Finn! I loff you and Target. Disney eyes, seriously.