October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Gooooo Team!

This clever idea was 100% stolen from my sister-in-law when she was pregnant with my nephew. Even the cute WI Basketball player outfit was borrowed from her. I tried putting the head band on Finn a week ago and he wanted nothing to do with it, but tonight when I put it on and said basketball players wear them, he was all about it! He pointed at every basketball hoop we passed while trick or treating and said "Finley play basketball." Sorry kid, not in your genes to be a good basketball player - but you can sure dress up like a cute one!

This was a fun Halloween. Last year Miles was training and Finn was too little to really get in to it, but this year he was pretty excited. He went trick or treating with his cousins which was special - so cute to see the little boys go from door to door and say trick or treat. Finn kept saying "more candy" in between houses and hung on to that pumpkin long after the trick or treating ended. Our little basketball player called it a night a bit earlier than his cousins, who like their Aunt, know better than to pass up free candy!

Halloween has made me especially excited for Christmas - experiencing the holidays through the eyes of a child is pretty amazing. Makes me wish we would have already experienced it with Cale, but so grateful we get to with Finn.


  1. Stolen idea or not, you three look adorable. And I love that basketball belly!!!

  2. I don't care if you stole that. You are owning that outfit and looking like a hot pregnant girl! :)

    Finley, you are adorbs. ADORBS.

  3. I so love this! Finley and your third person chatter...love you. You make an adorable basketball team!

  4. Agree, I don't care whose idea it is, I love it! and every single one of you is adorable. Glad Finn could bring that additional bit of joy into it for you!

  5. You both look adorable!