November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day

This picture was taken in 2008 when Miles and I were in Afghanistan on our first (my only) deployment. We were lucky enough to see each other two or three times throughout the year. 

My service on active duty ended in 2012 when this little guy became my new boss:

He can be a really demanding boss at times, but it was a great career move. 

We found out a few weeks ago that our next move will be back to Georgia, but this time we are headed to Savannah. Miles, mostly likely, will be making the military a career though that's certainly not set in stone yet. But if so, at least he pulls off a uniform well. Why hello, handsome:

This Veterans Day I think of all those I was lucky enough to meet during my time in the Army, I think of Miles' brother Daren who gave the ultimate sacrifice and is missed every day, of all those from my family who have served, and I especially think of all those still deployed in harms way and wish them a safe return home. May they come home to as much love and excitement as shown here: 

For the record, I wish I recorded it, but when Miles returned from his two more recent deployments, Roscoe's reaction was similar to these - Enjoy, and Happy Veterans Day.


  1. Love all these pictures and the meaning behind them.

    As hard as it was to have to wear that uniform while holding our sweet babes, I'm glad taht it's something we'll be able to share with them in a very unique way as they get older.

    I've never gotten through any of those videos dry-eyed in all the times I've watched them...

  2. You two look so damn cute together.
    Happy Veterans day. Remembering Daren with you. I said a prayer for peace yesterday, and sent it on the wing of love to your mother in law. I don't know her specific pain, but I share in her heartbreak of losing a child. I hope she felt the love.

    Love to you guys too

  3. Did this stupid thing eat my comment? I said...

    How is it possible you look so gorgeous in uniform? Miles was lucky to snag such a catch. Wish we could have lunch with you guys again soon (and dinner and a whole weekend!) to chit-chat about all things military life/changes/decisions that are happening. I know Elliot would enjoy that.

    Thankful for Daren and all of our men in uniform. But definitely Daren because I love your family so much.

  4. You guys are adorable!

    Thank you for all you have done for us.