November 27, 2013

Finn's Big Boy Room

I have no before pictures of Finn's room. Imagine a messy guest room that had a couple pieces furniture, an air mattress and pack n' play for when my nephews sleep over and a whole bunch of sewing crap that still needs to find a home. That's definitely one downside to Finn moving in here from the nursery - we either need one more closet for storage space or I need to offload some stuff. I'm going to go with needing another closet. As for the new room, I didn't go with a theme. Because all the other furniture in the room is gray, I decided to just go with navy, gray and white as my main colors and just leave the decor very simple. Mostly because I don't want Finn to be getting out of bed instead of napping or sleeping and the fewer distractions the better.

Here's a few more shots of the bed as well as the rest of the room. I bought all the bedding at Target except for the transportation pillow which I sewed from cute fabric my sister-in-law discovered at Hobby Lobby. The rug is from Zulily. Oh, and we did attach a railing to the side of the bed, but that wouldn't have looked as cute in pictures now would it?

The dresser has a plate my friend sent me after Finn was born as well as a frame of the meaning of his name. This corner of the room seemed a little empty so at 9pm Saturday night I went to Target to get a bean bag chair because cartwheel had them 20% off but they were expiring that day, plus a trip to Target with no kiddo is just a little bit of Heaven on earth.

I'm tempted to make some curtains like these, but that will have to wait. I scored the shelves at Target for $5 each! I still am not really sure what to put on them, but for now I like it. I have Finn's framed birth announcement, his baby cup, a cute giraffe from the Dallas zoo, picture of huppy, one of Finn's newborn pictures, letter F, and a globe. A little random, but it works.

Bins on the bookshelf are from Target, free name printable from here, vintage airplane printed in powerpoint, and I typed up the cute Christopher Robin quote in matching colors, because I love it. The nightlight turtle, while adorable, proved to be too much of a distraction so is no longer on the nightstand :)

I'm really pleased with his room, but it's definitely bittersweet not to have him in the nursery anymore. Just one more sign that he's growing up far too fast.



  1. So precious. And so well done.

    I love that Christopher Robin Quote too <3

    And I can't believe that little babe that I saw in that fish themed 1st birthday party that I stumbled across last year when I was making my rounds in the blm blog word is that same BIG BOY chilling out in that awesome bed.

    Time flies. And kids grow up. So sad, but so proud. aw.

  2. Looks so cute. Love him and his room and the future striped curtains.

  3. It looks fantastic, awesome job! Hope the transition continues to go as smoothly as possible for all involved...

  4. Such a handsome boy and such a handsome room! I love how you tastefully tied the colours together (I am Canadian, I am using the u in colours.) I also really liked the simplicity. He defines the room not his over done room. Tasteful. Simple. Clean (well until he gets a hold of it.) Very nicely done Mama!

  5. I think this is a great big boy room- and I love the pillow. :)
    And that bed is still such a knock-out in that room. amazing.

  6. What a tasteful big boy room! Love the giraffe. Glad to know I can grab one too!