November 6, 2013

Cale and Finn's Nursery

The plan is to move Finn to a big boy bed in the next couple weeks. It's strange to picture him in a new room, but also exciting. I also plan on re-decorating the nursery and when I get around to finishing both rooms, I will share how they turned out, but first I wanted to share what the nursery looked like originally.


Miles deployed when I was six months pregnant with Cale. Before he left, we ordered the nursery furniture and he put it all together so that I wouldn't have to tackle it later on:

My sister came out to visit when I was about eight months pregnant and helped me with some more decorating, to include hanging this cross stitch my grandmother made when I was born:

The bedding that I had ordered worked nicely with the cream furniture and cross stitch:

I made a bulletin board to match the bedding, hung a few more things on the wall, and got the room all ready for the little boy we so hoped would live there:

Before we even left the hospital, Miles had Daren remove all baby things from the common areas of the house, put them in the nursery, and shut the door. And so for nearly a year, the room sat like this - a total mess of things somewhat packed and stored away:

With a couple weeks remaining in my pregnancy with Finn I summoned the courage to get the room ready once again. My reasoning was simply that I had prepared for Cale, and felt Finn deserved the same, but it was really hard. I remember crying when we hung new curtains because I thought it may be a waste of time. I remember how slowly I unpacked the tupperware, reminiscing about each thoughtful and loving gift Cale received, and how everything still smelled like Dreft.

We made a few changes to the room, but not many. I framed and hung the sketch of Cale, purchased a glider, and added a more touches, like the small frame below Cale's sketch that reads "Wherever you go, Whatever you do, May your guardian Angel watch over you," and the frame with Cale's maternity picture and one with Finn's ultrasound.

And then we waited, and hoped, and by the most amazing stroke of luck, we got to add one final touch to the room:



  1. What a beautiful space for your boys! Love love love the final touch!

  2. That one final touch.......amazing! Love the room. I think I've told you this before but we have that same quote over our crib and I put it up when I originally decorated the room for Aiden. Can't wait to see how you redo their rooms :)

  3. Oh it's gorgeous, can't wait to see the new little one to live there.

  4. You did such a good job for your boys. It was a similar scene in my house when we came home after Alexander died. And it wasn't until the very end with Theodore that I went through all the stuff again (and still just a little bit). I bawled my eyes out every time I unpacked his (Alexander's) hospital bag. I just kept repacking it just the way it was ready for him. I wasn't ready. A few weeks before theo was born, I finally unpacked it, and moved the majority of his tings to a drawer I designated as "his drawer". And packed the bag fresh for Theo. I figured the same thing as you, I did it for next baby deserved the same preparation...even if it was so different this time.

    Can't wait to see what you do for this next bub. Oh. And can't wait to SEE him/her IN there too!

  5. Such a sweet room, filled with so much love <3

  6. This is all so familiar. I think you have such cute taste. :)

  7. Oh sister, I can't help but cry every time I read a post! This one was really beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to see you in December and welcome another nephew (or niece!!).