November 16, 2013

Wisconsin, Don'tcha Know

Over the long holiday weekend we flew to visit Miles' family in Wisconsin, eat cheese curds, attend a wedding, and go to a Packers game at Lambeau Field. But the most exciting aspect of the trip for Finn was by far the travel to and from.

This was our first flight with him where we had to buy his own seat (sigh), but honestly it makes traveling a LOT easier when you don't have a babe climbing all over you and struggling to get comfortable. We brought his carseat on the plane which I absolutely recommend to anyone travelling with a little one. I know there are safety benefits to it, but the biggest benefit for us was that Finn was strapped down the entire flight! Hallelujah! He could see out the window because he was sitting up higher and was able to fall asleep both times which I think would have been harder for him had he just been sitting in the airplane seat. He really was a great little traveler, but when the plan was making its descent Finn got excited and loudly exclaimed, "Airplane going down!" which isn't exactly what you want to hear on a plane.

We had a layover in Dallas, but were able to find a smartecarte which made schlepping all the bags much easier. I actually had planed to buy something like this for the carseat, but ran out of time. Finn loved walking through the terminals because it meant a ride on the tram, and the escalators and we found a play area where he enjoyed "flying airplane so high."

While in Wisconsin we attended the wedding of a high school classmate of Miles. It was held at the same church Miles and I were married in and the church Daren's funeral was held in - in fact, the Priest who preformed the service was the same one who did Daren's funeral. It was bittersweet, but mostly sweet, to hear him speak again - I found it more comforting that anything. This was the first time Miles had been back to Wisconsin since Daren was killed.

Finn was very well behaved during the mass (thanks to a back hoe on loan from his cousin). At one point a baby cried when it was very quiet and Finn felt the need to point out "baby sad. baby crying," but it just made for some laughter around us.

The next day we pawned Finn off on his Aunt and went up to Green Bay for a Packers game. Thanks to some tickets my father-in-law got through work we were able to enjoy the game from the comforts of a suite, which made the painful outcome of the game, and the fact that our third string Quarterback was put in, a lot more bearable. The last time we went to a game at Lambeau was in December of 2008 so I know how cold and uncomfortable it can get in the stadium - not something I would have enjoyed as much eight months pregnant.

Finn also saw snow for the first time. He's hit or miss with wearing hats, but I think he enjoyed how warm this hat kept him because he wouldn't even let me take it off in the car. Oh and he got to take a picture by a dump truck. Because of course.

We left Wisconsin when it was NINETEEN degrees out. As I type this it is currently EIGHTY degrees in Texas. So no big shocker that Finn got sick promptly upon return and has been fighting a nasty little cold the past few days. But he seems to be on the mend and I if given the chance, he'd hop on an airplane again in a heartbeat. This trip concludes our travelling for 2013. Time to incubate, catch up on projects around the house, and hopefully get ready for a very exciting December.


  1. Just catching up. Glad you had a nice trip and brilliant move making sure Finn was contained on the plane!

    Also, I hear you re: extra coddling. Sometimes they forget to give us the attention we need. They forget we have PTSD. And though I totally understand why you'd need extra coddling, it gives me comfort to know that even a tough military girl like you does. Sometimes I beat myself up for needing it, despite what I've been through.

  2. Riding in his carseat on the luggage cart. I love it.

    Glad it went smoothly and you had so many fun & special moments.

  3. Finn looks so grown up and you all are adorable! You are almost there mama! Waiting and hoping with you <3

  4. He's such a cutie. Your baby Hidalgo is a bright spot in my own December this year. Can't wait to see who you've got in there.

  5. Well well well... isn't Finley the cutest little traveler on the planet.

    That white sweater in that last photo? Like what? Super adorbs. I wish you lived in Chicago for the obvious reason and also because I would like to see Finn dressed in the cutest winter gear ever.

    Nineteen degrees. Please. Suck it up, my friend. ;) In your defense, 88 degrees sounds terrible, so I would honestly rather be dealing with cool temps than humidity and sweaty pits right now being pregnant.

    Love you guys and all these memories you share. Bittersweet but wonderful that you were there in that church again.