February 1, 2014

30 By 30 Round Up

I will be 30 next week and there are a few outstanding goals I have on my list of things to do before I turn 30. The ones I did not get around to doing are:

3. Attend a yoga class
7. Read 30 books (Almost done)
14. Sleep out under the stars
18. Finish a scrapbook (Works in progress)
23. Take a cooking/baking class of some sort

I am a little annoyed that I will not accomplish all 30 before I'm 30, but do plan to accomplish them when I'm 30. So that counts for something, right? Unless anyone has any suggestions of a few things I can knock out in the next few days?? I did change some of the ones I had originally written down. I originally thought about going vegetarian for a month, but after sticking to a primarily Paleo diet for a month, I realize I didn't have much rationale or desire to be a vegetarian for thirty days. I also originally had read War and Peace and haha, that got changed pretty early on. In fact, I still have four more books to read! I'm giving myself an extension though February. Any suggestions for super quick reads?

Another one I didn't accomplish is the cooking class but I've started DVRing cooking shows so that's sort of the same thing. Except not at all, but I'll pretend it is. And while I didn't specify, it was Cale 's scrapbook I was hoping to finish, though I have a few to choose from.  But I did start and am up-to-date with Mary's album and have stared on Finn's.

I put doing a cleanse of some sort on the list and while originally was thinking along the lines of a diet/food cleanse, I didn't want to do that while pregnant nor do I want to now while breastfeeding. But I'm going to look at "cleanse" in a different manner and count my financial fast as a cleanse as it sort of has been. Tomorrow is the last day, so I'll share how that went sometime next week.

There are several goals I did accomplish, but didn't blog about. One was to find a playgroup for Finn. I don't really know what I was thinking, or expecting, with that one at the time, but I never really found (or looked for) a stereotypical playgroup. Instead we attend music and story time at the library on a very inconsistent manner, and go to the gym consistently. I'm going to count going to the gym as accomplishing this goal as Finn really got a lot out of it. And we will keep going up until we move. One of the neatest things when looking at these pictures, is realizing how much he has grown and developed in the last year. He has gotten so brave and adventurous. And while he has always loved to run, climb, and jump, it's neat to see him explore his own boundaries. I feel like he has a really good balance of being fearless, but also cautious. The last picture is from a few days ago when Finn wanted to swing on the rope swing for the first time. He had a blast until he realized he didn't know how to get off and was a little hesitant to just let go. But knowing him, he will be back at it next week.

So, any last minute suggestions of things I should accomplish before I'm 30? I'd like to add "get a full nights sleep," but that's as likely to happen as me reading War and Peace.


  1. Even before I read it my first thought when I saw those pictures was "look how little Finn looks!!!" I love both your list and your substitutions...especially the financial "cleanse."

    Also happy early birthday! I don't know why I keep forgetting that you and Peter's birthdays are so close together. I'm still coming up with schemes for his 30th next week, too...

    I think you need to do things that are both enjoyable and not stressful but still don't take up a bunch of time, because you deserve some pampering-especially in this current stage of life! I'm thinking like...
    -try 30 different flavors of ice cream in one day (you could knock it out in under an hour with some sample spoons at Coldstone or something!)
    -get a 30 min massage--Mary could give you up for that long, right??
    -get the whole house clean the whole house top to bottom (aka treat yourself to Merry Maids)
    -spend 30 min a day outside/enjoying nature until you turn 30. Or visit a local state park or natural landmark.

    As far as quick reads, I know they're *technically* children's series but I am getting through The Wind and the Willows and the Penderwicks series super fast. And I can admit even as a big grown-up girl that I love them ;) Also, if you've never read The Velvet Room I can't recommend it enough!

  2. Want to do a FaceTime cooking class? We can make that happen, and you can even pick what you would like to learn to cook!

  3. I think you can watch a cooking class and cook while watching to totalllllly get cred.

    You're 30 next week! What I wouldn't give to be near you so we can take the kids out to a bar for margaritas! Wait. That doesn't sound right. Okay, I'd bring the margaritas to your house. With guacamole. And chips!