January 27, 2014

Chores I Loathe

Alternate Title: Why I'm the Worst Housewife Ever.

This morning I was faced with quite the dilemma. I had just washed some little kid laundry which included Finn's sheets as they were due for a washing (as are my sheets, but that would require me to put away the clothes that are currently on top of them). When I went to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer I realized that the dryer was still full of the previous load of little kid laundry I did. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions. Do I just add the stuff from the washer to the stuff in the dryer and dry (re-dry) it all together? Or do I actually remove (and put away??) the stuff in the dryer first?

On one hand Finn clearly needed clothes. But on the other hand - did he really? I mean we weren't leaving the house anytime soon.

I decided to be a responsible adult and did in fact put away the clothes that were in the dryer and then dry the new batch of clothes (that will probably sit in the dryer until I do another load of laundry). Oh, and I got Finn dressed. Because I'm mother of the year.

Washing Finn's sheets also meant that I had to re-make the bed. Making his bed is one of my least favorite chores. It's in a corner, has the guard rail on the other side and his heavy and dense and therefore doesn't move easily because he's the most spoiled two year old ever gets to sleep on a Tempurpedic mattress (that we got FREE with our mattress! We tried selling it and didn't have any offers, otherwise there is no way my two year old would get to sleep on a mattress that took us nearly three decades to experience).

After I got his sheets back on and put him down for a nap, I came into the kitchen to clean up lunch. The crock pot, used to cook last nights dinner, is still soaking in the sink because that's another chore I hate doing - cleaning the crock pot. It's big and heavy and usually water goes everywhere in the process.

Another chore I hate: taking out the trash. But I braved the 43 degree weather and took it, and the recycling, out this morning. All this productivity after a long weekend of productivity.  On Saturday Roscoe tracked in some mud and it forced motivated me to clean up.  I vacuumed the carpet in the family room and play room and shampooed them. I even vacuumed and moped the kitchen and Finn helped me clean and wipe down the table and chairs.

Vacuuming doesn't bother me. But you know what does? Emptying out the vacuum. Because gross dirt and dust always manages to fall on the outside of the trashcan, or fall off the vacuum when you're putting it back together and then you need to vacuum again or pull a Monica on friends and take the dust buster to your vacuum.

Moral of the story - Roscoe better not step in any more mud or I'm putting him up for adoption and kids can sport underwear (or stay in their pajamas) as long as you need them to.

Now, I'm going to go hop in the shower and hope that when I come out someone will have tackled that crock pot for me.


  1. uhg im the same in many ways! i have no issues loading the dishwasher but hate unloading (yes ive run it over and over again) laundry, don't mind doing but hate folding and putting away! that crock pot dish...I just rinse and put in the dishwasher! oh and i have a dish in the dishwasher that's prob been washed 10 times because im to lazy to wash the remains out!

  2. You seem to keep your house, or at least your attitude towards it, just like me.

    Laundry is the major one. The dryer double duties as temporary storage space.

    I hate doing dishes the same night that dinner was made. I love them done, I just can't stand doing them. And loL at water going everywhere. I hear ya! When I made big batches of strews and sauces, the pot becomes my nemesis.

  3. lol at Brooke. It does seem like the ideal solution!

    I HATE laundry. I actually just hate putting it away and folding it. I DON'T mind loading the machine and adding detergent.

    I hate everything about the damn dishwasher save for pressing the sanitize button.

    seriously, making the bed sucks too.

  4. Best. Blog. Ever! Yes!! I am with Laura. I don't mind loading the washing machine but folding and putting away??? As I sit here in bed I am staring at a basket of laundry not out away.

    You get extra points for dressing Finn. I would have seriously considered turning up the heat and letting him run around in his gitch. Remember, you have the worlds best and only foolproof excuse "I have a newborn." Even naked toddlers can be excused with "I have a newborn."

    I loathe putting away the groceries. And figuring out how to wash things (like roman blinds or light fixtures)

  5. You shampoo your carpet?? You ARE housewife of the year. I didn't know that was possible.

  6. I hate chores. Despite hating all these chores, you managed to be uber productive! I'm impressed.

  7. I'm vacuuming to get RID of everyone's skin flakes! Not inhale them! A flaw that was not thought out when designing bag less vacuum.

  8. LOL at Mary on CrockPot duty :) Hahaha!

    I hate folding/putting away laundry, vacuuming, washing dishes, and a lot of other chores as well. I don't think I've ever shampooed the carpet- ha! I also agree that the "I have a newborn" excuse is available to you and I will be using that one for at least the next 6 months. Tehehe :)

  9. I'm laughing so hard right now because I feel like I'm reading my week in review. I was so mad when I realized Peter was going to be gone during trash night. I'm sorry that yours is much, much more than a week though...and you have the joy of sleep depravation on top of it.

    Hang in there. No solutions yet for the dreaded sheet changing...sorry. And *better* necessarily, but somehow slightly easier? I think it's that you get more used to how to balance (or ignore or accept?) the ever-present dysfunction. Or maybe it's just that the child labor (I mean, assigned chores) eventually start to kick in. Yes, I'm staring at the crockpot still in the sink from last night, and it will stay there until I absolutely HAVE to use it again, but the dishwasher got unloaded because it's Marie's job and I made her. And her clothes got washed because she bugged me for two nights since she couldn't fit anymore dirty clothes in her industrial-sized hamper so I told her she could wash her own (pushing buttons on the machine is exciting!!!) it if she put Ethan's clothes from the dryer away. And then there are the external forcing functions like laws requiring them to actually wear clothes to school so...

    But yeah. Solidarity. And always choose sleep first.

    1. That would be 'And it doesn't get *better*'

  10. Preach to the choir sister!

    It saddens me that my 'I have a newborn' excuse has clearly worn off. Now, I know you are going to say "Shut the H*** up Lauren, your house was always clean", but at this particular duty station - where we rarely have guests to entertain and never have anyone just 'drop by', I have no motivation to clean unless someone is coming over. As Maddux has pointed out on more than one occasion, my enthusiasm for tending to the house has dropped off a wee bit. Hence why I am blog hopping at 2 in the afternoon during nap time, NOT doing the dishes, thinking about whats for dinner, or running a load of white laundry (we are completely out of socks...every one of us...but that is what footed pajamas are for). Cleaning the bathrooms? You can forget about that.

  11. Thank you for hating chores, thereby confirming for me that we could be friends IRL.