September 3, 2014

Finn's First Day of School

 A few weeks ago Finn attended summer camp at his new school. I'm glad he went as it helped prepare the both of us for when he would start school on a regular basis (he goes Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 9-1). He had a great time at summer camp, and has been itching to go back to school since. It made today's transition really easy - maybe a little too easy, I mean I had to ask him twice to give me a kiss goodbye - he was just so ready to get in there and play!

The morning was a bit chaotic, as I figured it would be (most mornings are for me), but we had waffles, snapped a few pictures, and made it to school on time - victory is mine!

Pajama Cuties
This kid could have waffles for EVERY meal

This is his "smile" face
Backpack wearing three year olds make me swoon
Roscoe had his game face on today and didn't shed a single tear when Finn left for school
Mary couldn't hang during my workout.
But she was chatty and delightful while waiting on an oil change

Then we went back and picked up brother who said he had a great day and told me about his new friends and how he said, "no thank you" when offered a snack and he went downstairs to go potty and said hi to his friend who was walking, and and and . . .

I think it's safe to say this sweet kid will have no problems going back to school come Friday.



  1. His smile face slays me! What a charmer.

  2. What a cutie!!! That last pic is eatable. He's just so awesome. All these school pix are tugging at my heart. I do plan on putting Theo part time into daycare/preschool next's not set in stone, but I like the exposure it gives littles to a school environment before jk/sk hits. So Alexander would probably be gearing up for some sort of part time something or other right now.

    Mary is THE BEST baby. Stroller sleeping?? I love her 💗

  3. No thank you to snacks. hahah

    I just love all these shots and that boy with a big backpack! xo

  4. He looks so happy!! I love how excited kids get about school!! And to hear them chatter on and on is pure joy!!! They grow so fast!! I can't believe how big Finn is already!! I feel like I was just running back from my softball game to meet/hold him for the first time!! He's adorable Caroline!! You have done a fabulous job with him!!! Xoxoxoxix

  5. So happy it has been a positive and exciting experience, sweet boy!