September 19, 2014

All In Their Own Time

I had always assumed if we were lucky enough to have two living children, the younger one would do things quicker than the older one did. Finn was sitting up by seven months and crawling by seven and a half. I foolishly assumed Mary would be on a similar or quicker timeline. But sister is on her own timeline and I'm grateful for the reminder that you just can't compare kids and to just slow down and savor whatever moment they're in.

Until recently the only sitting up Mary did was in the tripod position. She was like a little bulldog slouched forward and I'd be lying if I said it didn't concern me for a bit.

I do think she was (is) little delayed in her gross motor development, but I think it's just that - a little delay. The pediatrician at her nine month appointment was very reassuring and not worried. He used the words "perfectly healthy" and "just fine" which definitely helped me chill out a little.

And now Mary is sitting up much better. She still reverts to the bulldog or eventually topples over, but each day she has longer and longer stretches of sitting up independently.

And yesterday our little girl started low crawling. It's not quick and she favors one arm more than the other, but she's already getting better and better. Finn is very encouraging which is precious. He will put a toy or something out in front of her and say "Go get it Mary, you can do it. Good girl" (sounds similar to how we praise Roscoe). And honestly I hope she doesn't become proficient too fast - hopefully those chubby little legs of hers will buy me a bit more time before we need to bust out with the baby gates. Probably not though. As she's reminded me - you just can't assume to know what timeline they will be on as it's theirs and theirs alone.


  1. She is absolutely delicious and I love her. <3

    I know what you mean about being anxious about all the milestones- I was FREAKING out with Grace because she was always SO slow to do what everyone else was doing- from talking to sitting to crawling and walking. I can definitely say I'm a lot calmer with Piper, but I think that comes with the fact G was SO.SLOW to do things, it seems miraculous when P does things "on schedule".

    I love that Finn is such a sweet brother with his encouragement, and it makes me laugh to know he encourages her the same way you do Roscoe. Adorable. <3

  2. Laura is right. She is absolutely delicious. I just love Finn. Honestly, you scored a seriously sweet boy in him. I love how encouraging he is with her and how much he clearly already wants to protect her.

    And Claire is nowhere near even attempting to crawl. Just sitting. B was crawling by 9 months. I don't foresee Claire crawling in the next 3 weeks, so I'm with you. I sort of expected her to do things quicker, having to keep up with B. Not happening here! Interesting and unique and PERFECT.

  3. I always thought that too about babies who have older siblings. And SO MANY people would comment about how Theo would be doing such and such quicker with an older sibling (tear out my heart, thank you), but I've seen that babies and children run the gamut with development - no matter their birth order. I have several mom friends that have first babies that walked at 9 months. Crawled at exactly 6, and were walking at 9. If I didn't see it, I'd call their bullsh!t, but it was true. Theo wasn't crawling until 9-10 months, and it was more a scoot. The hand knee crawl wasn't until 11+. Even now, I see kids just a month older than he is, and they're climbing and jumping in a way theo is no where NEAR doing. Some have older siblings, some don't.

    I always thought it took Theo FOREVER to do all the little gross motor milestones...but then my sisters baby took even longer (both only children*)

    Mary is on her own schedule, and she seems like the happiest baby out there!! She has the cutest set of chubby thigh rolls I've ever seen. It will be sad when she's up and walking it all off!! Sad and wonderful at the same time of course ;)

    *you know what I mean - sigh

  4. I'd pick the tripod too if I was lucky enough to be lugging around all of that delicious chub!

    I read a line recently in a book (for Erik, about the spectrum/sensory development)--it said that too often we try to box children in to the expectations of doctors, schools, peers, etc., or come up with goals for them that are somewhat arbitrary. And that instead of trying to 'fix' or change our kids to align with these expectations, our job as parents should be to help them live the happiest lives possible. It really stuck with me, not just for him but for each of our kids.

    I thought the opposite for Ethan--that he would do things on a slower timeline since he wasn't as close in age as the other two--and he tore my heart out doing the opposite. I hope miss Mary continues to maintain the perfect timing for her!