September 13, 2014

Tunnel to Towers Run

Today we participated in the Tunnel to Towers 5K through the Stephen Siller Foundation. Stephen Siller was a NYC firefighter who had just gotten off shift when the first plane hit the twin towers on September 11th. He went back to get his gear and when the roads were closed he parked his car and put 60lbs of gear on and made his way back to the Twin Towers via the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. He died helping others.

The Rangers and the local Firefighters who ran in today's race did so in full kit to honor Stephen's actions and sacrifice. His older brother spoke about him and along the route, local boyscouts and girlscouts held up pictures of the 343 firefighters and paramedics who were killed on September 11th. It was one of the most powerful and awesome races I've ever done and I look forward to doing it again next year.

Please note that I didn't make him push the stroller and volunteered several times to do it. But some Rangers are stubborn Rangers and well, I married one of that variety.

The good news is that for the first time in the nine years we have been together, I could keep up with him on a run. Maybe all future family runs will involve a uniform and body armor for Miles. Ya know, to be fair.
Mary is eyeing Daddy's beer
The Tunnel to Towers runs are held all over the country, so if you are interested in participating, you can search for events here. Or you can come to Savannah and join us for next years' run. I'll even let you push the stroller :)

1 comment:

  1. She's totally eyeing his beer.

    I would totally run this with you if I were local! What an incredible run. I would've loved to be involved. I especially love how your family is so supportive of heroes and their families by taking part. And most importantly, in my opinion, is sharing this kindness and exposing your kids to this.

    Makes our 5k next month (that I don't even know what it supports... just like the route!) silly almost.

    Who takes all these photos of you guys while you run, btw?

    And seriously, Miles deserves that beer. Full gear (I understand why, of course) AND boots?