October 18, 2014

Crappy Pumpkin Patch Pictures

I took the kids to a pumpkin patch today that was about 40 minutes away. I got them dressed in coordinating and fall(ish) outfits and had envisioned taking the cutest pictures. I put the camera in the car and was patting myself on the back for getting out in the morning and doing something fun.

Then I get to the pumpkin patch and realized that while I managed to bring the nice camera, I forgot to put the memory card back in it leaving me with just my phone for taking pictures. First world problems I realize, but still a bummer. And the pants that I put the kids in would have been fine had it not been in the mid 80's. Again, woe is me - it's so nice it's still warm here, but in the end we were all hot and of the 38 pictures I took not a single one of them is much good.

Alas, I will share some of my favorite of the worst. As my friend Keleen would say, I was just trying to create a damn memory!

Sort of smiling, but not in the right direction.
A guy behind me was saying how cute they were while I was taking this picture.
Clearly he didn't see Finn's face.
Finn actually really enjoyed picking out a few pumpkins,
but you wouldn't know it looking at this picture.
Kind cute, except not really. She looks like an angry old man
who is just humoring me with this picture.
Gourd Diving
Over it.
We at least have some cute pumpkins on our porch, so there's that.


  1. And create one you did! I was laughing through each picture, but also knowing how grumpy I would have been during the actual shoot not to mention sweating in that weather and trying to get TWO looking in the same direction. The leaving the memory card at home thing probably would have resulted me to tears so you are already way ahead of me on that one. As much as I love that perfect idealic photo for each occasion, I do love the crying/grumpy/jerk pictures because they really tell a story. I'm actually taking M back to the patch tomorrow because I still don't love any of my 94748493746836 previous pumpkin pictures...I have problems. I love you and your kids and this post. Xoxo

  2. Ha! So cute even if they were done with it all!

  3. Gah! We've attempted professional fall family photos twice and I haven't heard back from the photographer since I'm prett sure they were a big fat fail! G was crazed and I am almost positive any good pictures she got of her, Scott and I will be in the background looking mad/annoyed/upset. lol. Or I'll just look gross and be mad about that, too. ha.

    I like Mary's grumpy face- it's adorable.

  4. hahah. I feel like I can relate here. We went to a pumpkin patch on Saturday (aka gloomiest and coldest day in a week) and it was just that... gloomy and cold and we all sort of wished we were somewhere else. Sigh.

  5. These days when I ask Bode to look at Mama, he usually says a crisp "no." The rest of the time he pretends to not hear my request. haha. Making damn memories for sure.

  6. I'm soooooo jealous if all the PP pix this year!! Including yours! Haha.

    Going to a nice fall setting and packing the good camera...only to forget the damn memory card!? Dammit!! I still think they're cute...in a real kinda way. Making memories is the point right? Not the perfect pictures, right? Lol -I often tell myself!! I'm going to try this weekend to snap some fall pix. It might be a few weeks too late as the leaves are almost all fallen ... But it's supposed to be sunny and in the 60's..and I gotta make my damn memory!!!

  7. These photos have me laughing out loud, particularly the last one. He is SO over it. I do think they still look quite cute in most of them and it looks like you had perfect weather. Sorry to hear about the memory card - so frustrating when you have the best intentions. Happy fall!