October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween just slays me. I mean it just doesn't get any cuter than itty bitties dressed up and trick or treating. Finn has been asking for just about the entire month, "is it Halloween today?" and has been thrilled every time he saw a pumpkin or Halloween decor of any kind. I'm in Arizona visiting family and my sister and I got to take Finn trick or treating in the neighborhood we lived in (and trick or treated in) as kids. He was so darling and polite, and I think got hooked up with more candy as a result. As soon as we got home he said he wanted to go again and that he "made a lot of friends!"

I bought this puppy dog costume last year on a post Halloween clearance at Target as I figured a puppy would work for either a boy or girl and that Finn could be the puppy dog's firefighter. Fortunately, he was thrilled with that idea though I have a feeling this may be the last year I get to pick his costume for him.

Enough of the recap, here are the pictures that will just make your heart explode.


  1. I can't handle those pictures. They are incredible and I love that you paired them up in a costume. Probably the only time ever, but I just love it. How special that your parents got to take part in trick-or-treating with the kids, too.

    I'm mostly jealous of you wearing shorts, though. You do realize we went home after 5 houses to warm up and then did another 4 before Benjamin insisted "I am freezing, go home".... because the wind chill was BELOW FREEZING AND WE HAD SNOW FALLING. Ridiculous. Nevermind that today, just hours later, it was blue skies, no wind and in the 40s/50s.

    Anyway, I'm just bitter.

    But your kids? They are ridiculously cute. Ridiculous.

  2. I'm with Brandy, love the cuteness but shorts?! Leaving work Halloween morning it was "27* feels like 16" costumes here have to be part snowsuit! Finn's expressions are so awesome!

  3. Oh, my GOSH. SO cute. Love those costumes and your children are just darling. I'm hoping Halloween will be a fun celebration for us next year.