October 22, 2014

The Journey of Far Too Many Miles

As I write this I have about three more hours of what will be the longest flight of my life. I'm going visit my sister who lives alllll the way in California and I am vowing never to fly alone with the kids ever again. Ever. Except for next month when I fly to Texas. But then never again.

The thing is everything has gone remarkably in my favor on this flight, Mary's demeanor aside.

It started this morning when was running late because I'm genetically programmed to always be late and also maybe because I waited until the last minute to pack. It didn't help that Finn vomited during lunch yesterday causing me to debate even going on this trip, Mary slept horribly (and has been for the last week), and oh Roscoe joined in on the fun by puking at 4am. So needless to say I was frazzled and stressed from the get go. 

But we managed to pull it together (and Finn has been totally fine since - knock on wood). I had to drive from Savannah to Jacksonville (almost two hours away) for my flight today. My biggest concern was how I was going to get all the stuff IN the  airport as it's a lot to haul. Miles is away for work right now so it was on me to carry the kids, their suitcase, my suitcase and both their car seats.

I parked in the economy lot with only 45 minutes until my flight and the shuttle bus for the airport iterally drives up to me as I'm getting out of my car. The driver helps me load all the stuff on the shuttle and drives me to curbside checkin where another kind man tags all my bags and waives the overweight baggage fee because of Miles being active duty. They normally do it for just the service member but he was kind enough to let my 58lb suitcase slide. I had Mary in the ergo and was carrying my diaper bag and Finn's backpack and we took off running, 18 minutes until my flight was set for take off. The line for security was long, and while I hate to be that person, I asked a few people in front of me if they wouldn't mind me skipping ahead. Not only did they graciously allow me to bypass them, but they asked others upahead to do the same. After quickly going through security we raced off to our gate where we literally were the last people to board. Our flight is open seating but only single seats were open. Two older ladies moved seats so that Finn and I could sit together. I sat down, sweating, and had two minutes left until departure. Phew.

We had a connection in Atlanta and Mary lost her mind after we landed but before we got off the plane. I nursed her on take off and landing but maybe her ears are bothering her. The layover wasn't too bad - we just rode the plane train a few dozen times and now we are currently headed west to sunny California, free wifi being one of the many pluses of this trip. Finn has been a champ (Curious George on the kindle has helped), and while Mary SCREAMED for close to the first hour, she's now alseep in the Ergo for what I pray will be a long, long time. I'm sitting next to the nicest lady who has been so sweet to Finn and understanding with Mary. I learned after sitting down that it was her husband who gave up his seat for Finn and I to sit together. I mean really, faith in humanity is at an all time high right now.

But still - Never doing this again. California (and a beer) can't come soon enough!

Edited to add: it was not a long, long nap. Mary woke up screaming about five minutes after I wrote this. 


  1. Oh my. that sounds so stressful! Ugh! So glad you made it! I love little reminders that renew my faith in humanity!

  2. Seriously Caroline. SERIOUSLY!!! How do you do it? I cannot do regular outing alone with Theo, let alone FLY!! Mother of the year, trooper of the year...I'm glad you made it to Cali, and I hope the driving and the rest of the trip offers only the best of circumstances!!

  3. Oh poor mama. This is why I also plan on never traveling without help. We must have the same late gene. And even with help, it's hard enough when half the time they split you up because of the whole oxygen mask debacle! I'm so glad you made it and had kind people on your side. I hope that the beer (plural) was accompanied by lots of auntie snuggles while you took a good long break!

  4. I didn't comment but have seriously thought about this very blog post with ANXIETY over the last few days because we were also traveling and I was just very, very thankful for an extra set of arms. I can assume the only benefit to all this and little time to spare is that you didn't have to sit in the airport chasing either kid.

    Oh man. You're a brave woman for all that travel. I know I would probably do the same if Elliot was gone for work for an extended period, but it doesn't mean it gives me any less anxiety!

  5. have fun in cali! traveling with multiple littles is so rough