February 26, 2015

Tips For International Travel With Kids

*Apply for kids' passports well in advance, giving the agency time to deny your legitimate documentation

*Lose your mind with passport information line representatives. Repeat. Repeat again.

*Pay to expedite kids' passports and receive only five days before travel

*Limit items packed to only two suit cases, a diaper bag, two carry ones, two car seats, one pack n play, and one stroller

*Marry someone with big muscles

*Save money by taking longer flights which undoubtedly costs more in fuel and sanity

*Regret not spending more for shorter flight

*Let toddler binge watch Curious George

*Curse the WiFi Gods when you cannot download more Curious George

*Psychotically rock crying baby

*Drink a beer during layover or on airplane. Or both

*Definitely both

*Nurse crying baby every ten minutes for FIFTEEN HOURS

*Psychotically rock crying baby

*Pace airplane for half of flight

*Ignore crying baby

*Hope that everyone around you ignores crying baby

*Question why you even brought kids in the first place

*Question why you even had kids in the first place

*Ignore all above advice and just stay home

Girlfriend was ALL smiles the second we landed.
The rest of us were not.


  1. I am SO glad you wrote this and had someone take that picture. What a ROUGH one.

  2. I'm sorry! The trip home HAS to be better! Enjoy the sunshine and celebrating family.

  3. OH MY GAWD, that last photo is EVERYTHING! lol.

    Mary is FULL! And HAPPY! And well RESTED. bahah.

    I think the marrying someone with big muscles is the key. Likewise, marrying someone will milk-makers is HIS key. ;)

  4. Bahahaha. The family photo is priceless!

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  6. Caroline. Your face in that last picture is the best thing I have ever seen. <3 Congrats, love, and best wishes to Rob!

  7. Oh what FUN. That picture is priceless. I hope in 20 years you'll be able to laugh at it. Or maybe 30, who are we kidding...

  8. Omg! I just busted out laughing! That looks like it was rough! Hope the trip was fun!!

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  10. Did I not come back to this and comment?!?!

    This is hilarious!!
    I love that last picture, and Mary, OMG! Mary!! I belly laughed! I love her

  11. I am cracking up at the last photo. Mary is so happy... the rest of you, not so much. Love the travel tips. We are taking our first flight (just domestic) in April and I am already nervous...