April 5, 2015

Easter Traditions

Apparently my Easter tradition is waiting until the last minute to prepare for the holiday as I found myself running out last night to get baskets and goodies for the kids. Giving up Target for Lent meant that my sacrifice was put to one last test as I navigated the crowded aisles of Walmart, weeding through leftover Easter goodies and a meh selection of Easter candy.

Finn got an "Uncle Jared" (police officer) Pez dispenser, two Disney Planes stickers ($1 each), a train, and eggs filled with candy. Mary got two new bath toys and when I came home I grabbed a fruit pouch to throw in there as well. I put some cereal and veggies sticks in her eggs and called it good. Their baskets maybe cost a combined total of $15. Fortunately they are too young to realize how lazy and cheap their Easter Bunny is.

The one tradition I did want to start this year was that of a scavenger hunt. I don't remember what material possessions I got on Easter when I was growing up, but I do remember how much fun I had searching for my basket with my siblings. Last night Miles and I came up with a few clues and when we came home from church we read the clues to Finn and he set out to find his basket. It was fun seeing him think through them (though none were that challenging) and hustle off to that spot to find another clue. It makes me look forward to making these scavenger hunts more challenging over the years.

This year's clues:
1. Where does the mail man put letters? (the mailbox)
2. What's your favorite movie? (Planes Fire and Rescue)
3. What has tracks and a scoop? (a digger)
4. Roscoe's special treats. (Milkbones in the pantry)
5. You and Mary play with this water even though mommy tells you not to (the bathtub in my bathroom)

Prior to the scavenger hunt we went to church as everyone knows the Easter Bunny's visit is contingent on good behavior in church, right? Fortunately, the kids were very well behaved despite being late and having to stand in the back (also an Easter tradition of ours it would appear). It was Miles who was hangry and in need of some sort of bribery to encourage good behavior, but we made it, got a delicious breakfast afterwards and are now home enjoying a Starburst jellybean overdose. Wishing you and yours a very happy Easter!

Miles was willing to stop for a picture since this was post breakfast. Pre breakfast Miles is not as patient.
This was the best we could do for cute Easter pictures. Nailed it.


  1. I'm crabby pre-breakfast too. Well, pre-coffee for sure!! Confessing straight up that I'm stealing the scavenger hunt idea for the future. Today we barely managed to pull off the Easter Bunny being a real thing at all, with me leaving church early to come home and make his visit was intact.
    Also…I b-a-w-l-e-d through church. To the point the woman in front of me turned around and gave me two kleenexes. All that spiritual stuff around Anna's conception, resurrection talk…bah. Church and me, Jesus and me…we haven't reconciled yet.
    On a lighter and much more fun note, I think your baskets are perfect. But the kids, and Mary's pure joy and delight in her brother? Man, that beats all.

  2. Love the Easter pictures. Those too kids are so freaking photogenic!

  3. I stuck their half effort baskets in corners and told Benjamin to go look. Your scavenger hunt idea was WAY more awesome. I should've waited until after church, but we had an extra 30 minutes and I just let it go. Shouldn't have. It was rushed and not fun for me.

    Claire got a jumbo pack of graham crackers in her stocking. Hahaha. How's that for creative? I DID actually buy them for her basket, but otherwise it was crap I had stashed in the closet and otherwise very little effort. These holidays sprung up on me since I was sick for the whole week prior. Excuses, I know.

    Love the scavenger hunt and plan to do that next year.

  4. Yes! I love the puree packs in the basket and the scavenger hunt. We put too much pressure on the perfect holiday and honestly, that photo of the four of you... I think that is as close to perfect as a holiday can get after loss. Hangry and all.

  5. What a beautiful family photo! I love your idea of the scavenger hunt and am going to steal it next year.

    We were the laziest parents and did not do ANYTHING. I figure B is too young, but still. Terrible. I could have at least made a basket so I could take a picture of her next to it.