April 25, 2015

The Time I Decided to Run Across Georgia

Alternate Title: This may not be one of my better ideas

So I am signed up to run across the state of Georgia in about four weeks time. Fortunately I'm not attempting it solo, but as part of a relay team made up of other Stroller Strong Moms (my workout stroller gang). There was a team in Columbus, GA up and running (literally) preparing for this race, but they ended up needing another member and ever so kindly asked me to join. We will have 40 hours to complete the 260 miles (my share of the run will end up being about 28 miles).

The run will take place over Memorial Day Weekend and I've been training a decent amount though have many more miles I need to log between now and then.The Run Across Georgia is an event put on as part of a fundraiser for the House of Heroes, a local non-profit that helps do repairs and maintenance on homes of veterans and their spouses/widows (some of whom have disabilities and need the physical help just as much as the financial help). It's definitely a great cause and one I can get behind for at least 28 miles. At the bottom of this blog is a link to my fundraising page and I would be so grateful for any donation. Your donation truly will go towards supporting Veterans and is something to be proud of. Even though I'm fairly new to the team and the race is only a month away, I'm setting my fundraising goal at $4,000 and appreciate any amount you could donate to help me reach that goal. Thank you in advance for your support.

Help me raise money for the House of Heroes by clicking here!



  1. You are such a rockstar! When we all move to our commune near Portland you can run Hood to Coast, which despite my extreme dislike for running actually looks fun 🏃🏼

  2. This is awesome! I did one of these a few years back. Tons of fun despite not sleeping but you are probably used to that. Rob and I are going to donate soon! Good luck!

  3. 28 miles. I laugh maniacally. 28 miles!! Cannot even. 26 caused me to hardly be able to walk for the 2 days following and that was 13 years ago!
    You're amazeballs, to steal an expression from someone we know well.
    Equally impressive if you ask me is the fundraising goal in a short time frame. $4000 in 4 weeks? Fuggedabouddit. No problem. Nearly there less than 2 weeks from this post.
    Speaks to how much you're adored and how inspiring you are, if you ask me. And how passionate you are for the cause - makes the rest of us understand that the very LEAST we can do while we sit here on our couches in the comfort of our homes with our freedom all around us is to take 3 minutes to donate some money as the tiniest 'thank you' to those who have supported said life. Thank you for reminding us always not to take this for granted.
    Love you!!

  4. I am so late in seeing this. You are awesome and I just made a small donation. WAY TO GO! Good luck this weekend.