April 10, 2015

Surviving Spring Break

It has been a very, very, very long week. Finn is on spring break and Miles is on a reverse cycle that puts him home somewhere between 1-5 AM giving him anywhere from very little to not so many hours of sleep before going back to work. While he's sleeping I rush to get up with the kids and get them downstairs so they don't wake Daddy. We eat, get dressed, and hustle out the door and if we are lucky get back home for maybe twenty minutes before Miles has to leave again. However most days he is already gone and the kids don't see him at all and the only times I see him are in the middle of the night when I'm half asleep or quickly in the morning when I'm turning off the baby monitors and tip toeing out of the room.

Finn has been a real pill this week and there have been lots of tantrums, lots of crying, lots of screaming (mostly on my behalf), and not nearly enough listening, good behavior, and patience (also on my behalf). He is currently watching digger videos on You Tube while Mary entertains herself in the water bottle and coffee cup cabinet because I just. need. a minute. Or, ya know like twenty.

I suspect Finn has been difficult in part because of the change in his schedule, and in part because of the change in Miles' schedule. And I'm sure there's a vicious cycle of tantrums and time outs we are both failing at ending, but most nights I go to bed angry with myself for how impatient I was with him and angry at him for testing the boundaries and then angry at myself for being angry at my three year old. 

I've tried to fill the week with things to do and it shouldn't be that challenging because Finn is only in school three days a week, but Lord have mercy I cannot wait for him to go back to school and I just am so thankful for teachers and will be even more grateful for the beauty that is summer camp. Typing all that makes me think I'm not really acing this whole stay-at-home mom gig, but whatever! At least I'm not day drinking. Though maybe that's not a bad option . . .

Anyway, so what have we done this week aside from some mother-son fits? We went to the beach one day which was fun, but exhausting.

Eating sand. Maybe I should have prevented that?
It also meant Finn didn't nap so was a bit crabby that night. Mary peed through her swim diaper on the way home, and combined with all the sand in the car, I had good reason to wash the car seats, only I didn't remember until we were leaving the following morning when I had to put Mary in said car seat where she sat on soggy (from urine) cereal that got smushed on her butt and went UNDER my fingernails and on my hands as I got her out of the car. Gag. 

Prior to coming home and actually washing the car seats, Finn had his first swim lesson of the season which went fairly well all things considered. He complained a little about being cold (in the 84 degree indoor pool), but eventually he warmed up and did a good job listening to his instructor. So at least he's listening to someone this week!

While I washed the kids' seats (I'm really stuck on this topic it seems), I also took the shop vac to the car, my single and double stroller, and cleaned out my car. It was so nice to have a clean car and clean seats so it would only be fitting that both kids got mud on them today at the park. Super.

Also accomplished this week was the killing of our lawn mower which thankfully kicked the bucket just as I was finishing up the back yard. Miles birthday is next week and I'm thinking a good gift for him will be a yard service. Did I say gift for him? I meant for me. While mowing the yard Finn was playing with kinetic sand he decided to mix with silly puddy (didn't end well for the puddy) and Mary was babysat by a bag of veggie straws.

Because leaving her unattended with food is always such a good idea.
The front yard was mowed last night at 8pm because that's what most people do when they put their kids to bed, right? After I showered I had no desire to do anything productive so sat on the couch and watched Parenthood (no spoilers please - only on season 2) until going to bed close to midnight (why do I do that!?) Literally the second I turned off my light and closed my eyes Mary started fussing as if to say, "oh you weren't thinking of sleeping were you?" Why no, Mary I really wanted to hang out with you - let's do it again at 5:30. And so we did.

Anyway, it's encroaching on dinner time and while I've been fairly decent at extra healthy eating the last few weeks (since my skin looks like that of a teenager in the thick of puberty), tonight I really just want to feed the kids quesadillas and binge eat the Milano cookies I got on sale.

Miles has another week of this crappy schedule but at least come Monday Finn will be someone else's problem for a few hours so here's hoping next week is better.

Books passed down from my mom. Kids be crazy no matter the decade.


  1. What a week!!! I wish I could come and scoop up the kids for a few hours tomorrow so you could binge eat your Milanos in peace and quiet!! ; ) I don't know how you do it!

  2. Whew! You're amazing! Finn looks so much older in that last pic. I get mad at myself for yelling too. But omg kid, listen! I'm impressed that you mowed after kids in bed. That just allowed your body to fully relax in bed fuss is so defeating. xoxo

  3. i Iove everything about this post. I wish so much we lived in the same city.

  4. I am with Brooke. I want to type fun and intelligent things to respond to your hilarity, but I'm too damn tired over here from some of the same above things that I just can't. But can I get an AMEN to school days? When I finally convince Benjamin to get out of the car (without throwing a fit) and drive like a bat out of hell away from that place, leaving myself to only one kid and their issues for 2.5 blissful hours.

  5. I, no joke, say to our middle son Wyatt, who is 7... umm excuse me I don't speak Whinese...he always gets irritated and says, mom....ughh.. and rolls his eye. Which then makes me flick him on the top of his head and say, if you keep doing that your eyes will get stuck up there.. Trust me, we are all there with you and a glass of wine or maybe liquor added to my mid-day cup of coffee isn't always a bad thing, especially if it keeps the kids alive until their dad gets home :) Glad all is as well as it can be! Kim Tennill

  6. If it's any comfort at all, I've got the same party going here with my three year old, but nothing has changed in her schedule whatsoever... She's just kind of a punk! Or maybe it's just me... Or the age? Let's blame the age! I've spent the past week taking her to fun activities totally geared to (theoretically) topping off her tank of fun activities and quality time. She's spent the last week telling me how much everything we're doing sucks, then she comes home and and tells her dad what a great day she had. ?!?! They may be legitimately insane...

  7. Way to survive! Aren't teachers amazing? I'm already dreading summer...

  8. You are cracking me up today (and always). Okay, love the last photo and the books. Too funny. I have ordered many books at 3 AM (thank you, Amazon). I'm sure they all hold the secret to getting B to sleep or do whatever I am worrying about on a particular day.

    Umm... I also love the you weren't sleeping were you? Oh, and let's hang again at 5:30 AM. Oh, yes, lets! We hung at midnight, 3 and 5 last night. Because, why not? :)

    Glad you survived the week!

  9. This post cracked me up. How awesome that:
    1. You mowed the lawn
    2. You did not day drink
    3. You got Milano cookies on sale

    All major wins in my book!