July 27, 2015

Microblog Monday: Puppy

I like the idea of these microblogs for quick posts about something worth remembering when I don't have time to post much more. We are traveling now, but I wanted to share this cute picture of Mary who is snuggling with her puppy. She managed to unzip the suitcase, pull out her puppy, say "pah-py, pah-py!" over and over in the cutest little voice, then fall asleep within twenty seconds of being put in the car. She's been snuggling with this particular puppy for a couple weeks now and I just love it because not only is it adorable to see her carrying it around, but it's a special lovie, one that was given to Cale from his Aunt Jenny.

I love when my kids get to use Cale hand-me-downs. It's even more meaningful when those hand-me-downs are special to them as well.


  1. Oh this is so sweet and special.... (I love the microblogging idea too!)

  2. Love this. Lillian has a sheep (aka "sheepy") we received from Ava's nurse as a gift. She was our scrub nurse with Lillian as well, every time I see sheepy somehow both girls are there.

    I see you in her face.