January 17, 2016

Finn Quotes; or, His Obsession with Taylor Swift

(these are a collection of quotes I've written down over the last six months or so)

"Mom, because I'm a little sad, I might have to snuggle with you really bad"


Listening to radio in the car and "Bad Blood" comes on

"This is my girl Taylor Swift"


laughing. . .

"There's something tickling my penis!"
Me: "What is tickling your penis!?"
"It's just a string" (sure enough, he pulled out a loose string from his underwear)


Visiting with family back in September. Aunt Jenny was wearing a cute strapless top

"Why is Aunt Jenny kinda naked? She's wearing a dress like Taylor Swift"


Me: "You're getting tall. When did that happen!?"
Finn: "When I ate all my dinner!"


At the pumpkin patch - Miles was deployed at the time.

"Can we get the biggest pumpkin in the world?"
Me: "That would be pretty heavy!"
"Yeah, we would need to have a superhero come get it for us! We could call one. Or maybe we could call daddy to get it for us!"


Driving in the car

"Tell me if you see fast people and I will open my door and say, 'slow down fast people!'"


"Mommy, does Mary still need to see Ms Vanne?" (Mary's speech therapist)
Me: "no, buddy she is all done. Ms Vanne was helping her learn some of her words and Mary's talking so well now that Ms Vanne doesn't need to come anymore"
"But she doesn't know Spanish. Can Ms Vanne come teach her Spanish?"


Whining and not going to get his shoes which are by the stairs

"But I can't!"
Me: "You can't walk five feet!?"
"I can't walk five feet, I only have two feet!"


Radio on in car and we are listening to "Wildest Dreams" by Finn's girl and there's a part she sings, "say you'll remember me, standing in a nice dress. . ."

"Why is Taylor Swift saying to remember me? I remember her"

Finn Selfie after church the other week. Nailed it!


  1. Oh my goodness!! I love that he has a crush on T Swift! I love all of these quotes!! 😂

  2. I love these!!

    I've been randomly plugging cute/funny stuff in my phone notepad over the past year (give or take -- ever since Theo's conversations really picked up I guess), but I just can't keep up!!

    From the sounds of it, Finn is a blast to be around. Love hanging out just listening to their magnificent brains!!

  3. I can't tell you how much I LOVE the TSwift comments. Hilarious.

  4. Caroline, these are awesome! I demand you write all of the cute Finn-isms because I know he has a lot to say (says the woman who babysat him for 1/2 day! Hah!).

    The two feet. Haha. But my favorites are him telling people to slow down and the speech therapist teaching Mary Spanish. Hahahahah.

  5. You tell those fast people, Finley. And I think your love for TSwift might just beat out fangirl Marie's...

  6. OMG, I miss this little man! So cute!

  7. These crack me up. Miles and I share a love of Taylor Swift :)

  8. Great to hear from you tonight. Loved popping by and catching up on you & your family. This is the perfect one to comment on...it's my strong position that these adorable things that come out of kids' mouths make pretty much everything else about life worth living. Your kids are getting so big, and are cuter than ever. xo