January 24, 2016

Kitchen Upgrades: Backsplash and Table

Continuing the "New Year, Old Projects" post, I'm long overdue in sharing pictures of our kitchen. There were no major upgrades done, but sometimes the smaller ones still make a big difference. 

Here are the before pictures of our kitchen when we first moved in:

When we bought the house we were told there would NOT be a fridge included, it even said so in the contract. But they decided to leave theirs which we didn't discover until after we had purchased a new fridge. We decided to keep the new one since it was stainless steal and matched the rest of the appliances and sell the old one on Craigslist which sold in less than 30 minutes! The unsightly curtains came down promptly, and the peachy beige paint was covered by the same grey that goes through the majority of the house (as seen in the playroom).

For the backsplash, we jumped on board the subway tile bandwagon and I'm so glad we did. Miles did all the backsplash himself. I literally cannot think of a single part of it I helped with - maybe taking off the outlet covers? I also picked out the tile and grout color so there's that.

Obligatory 'during' pic:

And the after/comparison pictures:
Oh hey cute baby. Goes to show how long ago this project was done - MA was 14 months here and not yet walking.

After the backsplash was done, the next project Miles took on was to build a new kitchen table. Our old one worked, but sustained a large crack down the underside during our last move and we knew wouldn't survive another move. I picked a farmhouse style table from Ana White's website and even though I'm sure I took a bunch of pictures of the construction process, I can't seem to find any. But Miles did a great job building it as well as a bench for one side. 

Once he was done I stained it, sealed it, and began the search for chairs. I posted this to instagram and got some pretty helpful feedback:

Sadly, Miles vetoed this style. And they only had two, but I still swoon over these.
I really wanted fabric chairs on the end, but with little kids and a slobbery dog, I knew that probably was a recipe for disaster. I loved option C, and was even tempted to go with a mustard yellow color, but read several reviews of paint chipping. In the end I got the best deal on the metal chairs and they do make the most sense at this stage in life. With a couple of coupons and deals they came out to only $32 a chair and I do love how easily they wipe down.

Picture taken back when Mary would sit in the highchair. Big girl has to sit at the table now with Brabur.

Almost caught up on project sharing; hardwood floors are next. Other than some gardening, we probably won't do many other projects while in this house.


  1. Boo on the 'no' vote for the Eames chairs! I'm with you - they are one of my favorite chairs ever - we have an office chair, a rocker, and also a knock off in E's room. Classic. And the real ones hold their value or increase in value. Regardless, I love your final choice, it looks great, and everyone's got to like the end result, right?

    Our new addition will house a dining room, so I'm VERY excited to get to select a table and chairs and a light fixture. I tend to lean towards the $$$$ end, but the new space will be really minimal, so I'm telling myself to go for what we really love. We'll see how that works out after the construction is done. We might be eating off sawhorses and plywood for years!

    Your updates look really good. It's interesting to read about them - there's a different dynamic when you know you won't be somewhere forever. I feel like that was a real turning point for us - once we decided that we were staying. It freed us up a lot more in our house daydreaming (and occasionally implementing).

  2. Love the kitchen. It looks great and so much brighter! Would that we all had such willing handymen capable of tiling ;) We also had to buy a fridge when we moved in, but I'm so glad we did (I think we maybe got the same one!).

    I was just telling a friend who's looking for a similar table about yours, I was scouring Instagram but should have checked here first! I bought supplies this fall to refinish our table that's getting so old and dingy, it's torture having to wait until the weather warms up. I love your table, always have, always will.

  3. You guys are so handy! Everything looks awesome and I love the table. Nice work!

  4. I love the updates. The backsplash, the table, and the chair choice -- love it all <3

    And ps, your kitchen is HUGE!