December 29, 2010

Christmas in the Southwest

Miles and I spent Christmas in Arizona with my side of the family (sans sister who was greatly missed). Arizona, at least Tucson, doesn't really have the Christmas-y feel. There's never any snow and most days it was above 60 degrees. But that never bothered me growing up (I suppose since it was what I was used to), and it didn't bother me this year. In fact, I think not being in a Christmas-y setting was probably good for me. Christmas was a happy day for us. We went to the late night Christmas Eve service with my parents. They aren't Catholic, but Episcopalian which we joke is "Catholic-light" and Christmas morning wasn't spend being sad about what (or who) we don't have. Nor should it be. We enjoyed the company we did have - my parents and brother. And while Cale certainly crossed our minds throughout the day and throughout the trip, it wasn't as sad as I thought it could have been. Sure, Miles and I both had thoughts of how the trip out here should have been - Cale's first visit to Grandma and Grandpa's, or about how fun it'd be to bring him to meet my friends and family here in town, but those thoughts are expected and I think totally normal to have - especially during what would have been all our "firsts" with him. I know this time of year can be very tough for people, especially those missing loved ones, but it still can, and fortunately was, a special time for us to celebrate and be thankful for what we do have.
While the city of Tucson may not have the Christmas feel, my mom transforms our home into a beautiful Christmas setting. But it wouldn't be classic Mom without some patriotic flare to it. And I mean all of it. My mom is a great American. And boy does she love her some America.

Never was there such a patriotic tree.
Ever seen a patriotic nutcracker?   Or an Uncle Sam styled Santa?
I put all these pictures in a "winterized" look, but really that makes me and even Miles just look more pale than normal. But I figure you may think it's just the coloring and people won't realize how pale I actually am!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas as well!


  1. Merry Chrismtas! Love the pictures! (You must be a scrapbooker). I'm glad you had a nice visit. Your Mom's decorating is awesome - beautiful tree! Hope you had a great New Year too!!!!

  2. That's EXACTLY how my Christmas was. I chose to remember what the day was really all about instead of the worldly celebration me, you, and other grieving mommies could have made it about. There were definitely some Almost momemts for tears but I didn't have any. It was a good Christams and I'm glad yours was as well.