April 30, 2011

Sunny Weather

Today I went to the post office to mail a few things before heading over to a friends house. I go to our local post office pretty frequently so wasn't surprised when this conversation took place today with one of the employees:

Sweet Old Man: Didn't you just have a baby about a year ago? {he said it as I'm very obviously pregnant again and I think he was just surprised to see me pregnant so soon after being pregnant the last time}
Me: I did, but unfortunately he passed away.
SOM: {eyes widen} Oh I'm so sorry.
Me: Thank you.
SOM: I'm sure that's just been really hard.
Me: It has.

He then asked me about Miles and how he's doing (he can easily tell what line of work Miles is in from the type from the boxes I send him). But it wasn't one of those moments that I left and got really sad or upset about. And I realized that's because he handled it like I hope most people would, but some fail to do. Basically he wasn't a social retard. He seemed very genuine with his condolence and he didn't ignore what I said or try to focus on something else. And that meant a lot to me.

After leaving the post office I went to meet a friend at another friends house. If you don't live near the ocean, the I highly recommend making friends with someone who has a pool! Plus, I will only brave wearing a bikini at almost 8 months pregnant when I'm with the comfort of friends and not out in public! The weather was beautiful and hopefully I got a little color on this sad pale, pale body!

Yes, I have the greatest dog ever. At least the most patient.


  1. Love the pic of you and Mr. Roscoe! His "cover-up" is nice :)

  2. You look great!

    I'm so happy you had a positive interaction... So many stupid people. I'm hoping that I don't get a lot of puzzled looks when I (hopefully) become pregnant again.