April 3, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

I just got back from a wonderful trip to Denver to visit my favorite sister. Kate has lived in Colorado for three years now and this was my first trip out there. I'm a dirt-bag. My mom also flew in for the trip. It was so nice to have a girls' vacation and I think we should start making them annual endeavors. I love my sister. I love my mom. Getting to spend time with both of them was so special.

I was a little nervous about traveling. My doctor said it was fine and I know that most of the time it is fine. I'm just starting the third trimester, so really I have a while before the suggested cut-off time for traveling while pregnant. But still, I worried. When the unthinkable has happened, you worry about all the other unthinkable's. But I took it easy, drank lots of water and arrived safe and sound. 

Part of what was so special about the trip was my mom and sister got to feel the increased movements of sweet baby. It's not just that they were feeling my belly. They were feeling their nephew and grandson. Hopefully the next time we are together they will be meeting and holding and changing the diaper of  their nephew/grandson! Kate visited me last spring when I was pregnant with Cale and got to feel him move a lot, and I think now how special that was. She'll always have those memories of her nephew and I'm so glad we get to create new memories with this baby, memories that I hope continue for years and years and years. . . .

Baby's first Baseball Game (Rockies vs. Diamondbacks)

We went to this great restaurant for breakfast and ordered beignets. There were four massive ones. 
Baby Hidalgo can hold his own when it comes to delicious breakfast pastries.
 Pregnant Belly = Ice Cream Table


  1. I'll bring Andrea's beignet mix when I get to meet my nephew face to face this summer. He might be a little jealous, though. Wish you were still here. Love you and belly.

  2. Love these pictures, Caroline. I am so excited to see similar poses with an outside baby in the mix! Much love to all the Nichols (Hidalgo) ladies.

  3. I am so glad yall got to hang out and spend good quality time with eachother!! It looks and sounds like yall had lots of fun!! I love the pictures and esp the ice cream belly one!! You always take the most amazing beautiful pregnant pictures!! Love you!!